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At the Town's 5-21-08 public forum on economic development, IBM VP Bob McDonald shared his thoughts about issues on which IBM and the Town might work together. Mr. McDonald was invited to commit to writing the list of IBM’s issues, concerns, and opportunities for the Town of Littleton and the local community to consider. Public forum participants asked if that list could be shared, as a point of reference for our local economic development strategic planning efforts; and here is that list:

  • Accredited, quality daycare provider near 550 King Street (IBM has RFP process in place with outreach to national and local providers)
  • Transportation
    • Increased commuter rail service
    • Shuttle service b/w commuter rail and 550 King Street
    • Understanding how traffic patterns at 495 exit and Route 119 will support increased daily commuters to Littleton
    • Understanding how entry into parking lot from Route 119 will support increased daily commuters (traffic detail?)
  • Restaurants suitable for client meals close to 550 King Street
  • Hotels suitable for visiting clients and colleagues
  • Housing - development plans that we can share/communicate with employees
  • Amenities/Services (like the Lifestyle mall that was planned in Westford)
  • Green Initiatives in which IBM can serve as a partner

 Read more about the May 21, 2008 economic development public forum in the Littleton Independent.


IBM invited the Town Administrator and current and former chairs of the Board of Selectment to attend a meeting on Friday, July 11, 2008 at IBM/Westford with EOHED Secretary Dan O'Connell, and other state officials. IBM there highlighted these four goals in locating its software campus in Littleton:
  • Locate all resources on a single campus to recognize synergistic efficiencies of a consolidated location for IBM SWG
  • Promote one IBM Software community within Massachusetts
  • Improve career planning across the Massachusetts IBM SWG teams
  • Establish a campus setting that can accommodate organic growth and growth through acquisitions

Read more about the July 11, 2008 meeting at IBM in the Littleton Independent.

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