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Contact: Heather Hampson 
Address: 37 Shattuck St.
Phone: 978-540-2428

Monday thur Thurday 9-12 Starting September 5th the Commission office will open at 1:00 p.m. on Tuesdays and Thurdays. Friday hours are avaliable please call for an appointment.

Littleton Town Code, Chapter 8, Article II, Conservation Commission: §8-4. Membership, terms. The Conservation Commission established by the 1961 Annual Town Meeting’s acceptance of MGL C.40,§8C shall consist of seven regular members appointed by the Board of Selectmen for three-year overlapping terms so arranged that the term of at least two members shall expire each year. In addition, the Conservation Commission, with the approval of the Board of Selectmen, may appoint such other associate members as they deem necessary for staggered three-year terms. Associate members shall have no vote. [Amended 11/14/12 STM; AG approved 3/22/12]

Members Term Expires:
James Pickard - Chairman 2015
Vacant 2015
Thomas Mann 2016
Carl Melberg 2015
Sarah Seaward 2014
Anna Mayor  2014
Andrew Sammarco 2016


The Conservation Commission strives to administer the Massachusetts Wetlands Protection Act in a fair and timely manner.  The Commission also maintains conservation lands owned by the town.  Volunteers are active in trail maintenance, sign installation, and creating and publishing brochures for specific parcels i.e.: Oak Hill, Mill Hill, Newtown, and Bumblebee Park.


Wetland Bylaw

The Board of Selectman voted on March 18th 2013 to increase the Commissions filing fees. For information on the new fees please clink on the link- New Filing Fees

For information regarding the Mile a Minute Vine - click here

Information and regulations relating to the Massachusetts Welands Protection Act can be found on the Massachusetts Department of Environmental Protection website at

Residents can obtain information regarding State environmental issues through the State Environmental Affairs website at the following address:

Information regarding conservation hiking trails, maps, etc. can be accessed through the Littleton Conservation Trust website - Littleton Conservation Trust     

Littleton Conservation Commission

The type of project presented to the Commission varies widely: we have been asked to 'condition' moving a fully constructed house, the design for a snow tubing slide area, the erection of 'state of the art' greenhouses and several commercial buildings. These include the Electric Light & Water Department office building on Ayer Rd. and a septic system for the nursing home on Foster St. 

The Town has recently purchased 87 acres of Hartwell property and a conservation restriction on 85 acres of Prouty Woods.

The Commission is pleased to tell you of a program proposed by Art Lazarus of Shaker Lane. Art has put together a 'Stewardship Program' for the care and maintenance of all the conservation and trust properties in Littleton and then he has gathered volunteers to be responsible for overseeing the needed work. Art and his crew have sprayed poison ivy on Long Lake Park, arranged for mowing the Whitcomb meadow (Jim Clyde of the Highway Dept. did the actual work), marked trails on Oak Hill, and designed, bought and erected signs for conservation and trust lands. Art Lazarus is one of our most valuable natural resources.  For information about volunteering for these projects contact the Open Space Implementation Committee through the Selectmen's Office at 978-540-2640.

The Commission is involved in matters away from the hearing meetings. They have co-sponsored the wetland by-law. They have met with the Planning Board to participate in the development of the Master Plan. They certified a vernal pool off Hazard Way and have learned more about the new Riverfront Protection Act, Stormwater Management and beaver control.

The Boy Scouts continue to offer their skills in the care of our public lands. We have approved the construction of trails and a footbridge at Long Lake Park. We appreciate the continuing awareness the Scouts show for our open spaces.

The Commission wishes to thank all those residents who have walked our public lands. It is for you and your families that we do our work here in the office and at the hearings. We hope to preserve the lovely habitats and vistas that make Littleton a beautiful place to live and to raise a family.

Photo of Bumblebee Park by Jim Cahill