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On December 6, 2010, the Board of Selectmen unanimously voted to establish a study committee to develop recommendations on how to increase voter participation, with the committee’s report thereon to be submitted to the Board of Selectmen by February 1, 2012 with said committee to be comprised of one representative each from the Board of Selectmen and Finance Committee, the Town Moderator, the Town Clerk, and five voters at-large; and to invite applications therefor.

On October 26, 2011, the Committee adopted its Mission Statement:  "It is the mission of the committee to develop recommendations based on community input, research and other information for the Board of Selectmen to improve voter participation in the Town of Littleton."

UPDATE Presentation to Board of Selectmen on January 23, 2012.

To apply for an opening on the study committee, submit completed application forms to the Board of Selectmen, Littleton Town Offices, 37 Shattuck St, Littleton, MA 01460  

Study Commitee Member


Timothy Goddard

Town Moderator

Diane Crory

Town Clerk

Alex McCurdy

Board of Selectmen

Marc LaVigne

Voter at-large

Henry G. Christle, Sr.

Voter at-large

Andrew Sammarco (6/2014)

Voter at-large

Alex Pratt (6/2014)

Voter at-large 

William Cole

Voter at-large  

Linda Lord

Voter at-large


Finance Committee



Diane Crory, Town Clerk


Littleton Town Offices, Room 207 - 37 Shattuck Street, P.O. Box 1305, Littleton, MA 01460 

Phone: 978-540-2401
Resources: Study Committee Preliminary Report, Jan 2012
Voter Participation at Town Meetings, 2001-2013 UPDATED
Town of Wayland study committee report
Citizens Guide to Vermont Town Meetings
Presentation from Henry Christle to Board of Selectmen


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