Board of Selectmen Goals for FY 2013

The Littleton Board of Selectmen conducted a public hearing on Monday, July 23, 2012 at 7:30 PM in Room 103, Littleton Town Offices, 37 Shattuck Street, Littleton, MA 01460 and then and there adopted the following goals for FY 2013:

1. Economic Development
1A. Littleton Common Areas A and B Implementation (overlay and village zoning).
1B. Littleton Common sewer planning and outreach
1C. Littleton at the Crossroads: Rt. 2 @ I-495 planning initiative 
D. Littleton Common Area C - continue to explore   
1E. Transit/shuttle planning to support new commuter rail station/service, local businesses & residents – MAGIC Phase 2, Acton CIC grant, TMAs, etc.   
F. Investment in local businesses, including a Shop Littleton initiative   
G. Begin planning process for Ayer Road including the quarry and old pre-stress building   
H. Policy discussions on economic development with Finance Committee and Planning Board. 

2. Town Services
. Review/Update Roadway Improvement Plan. 
2B. Town/Schools joint facility assessment plan, study
2C. Plans for Town-owned property at 20 Foster Street, 300 King Street
D. Explore development of a Sidewalk Improvement Plan 

3. Organizational
3A. Review Town By-laws and regulations to identify those requiring updating or further attention, including review of Zoning By-law with Planning Board, Zoning Board of Appeals. 
3B. Review procurement policies and work on Town wide contracts
3C. Review policy on snow and ice removal on private ways
3D. Consolidate policy on employee use of Town vehicles
3E. Review Selectmen’s administrative procedures and the role of the chair

4. Fiscal Management
4A. Deposit additional local funds in Community Preservation Fund to increase base for state match, including consideration of cell tower funds.
4B. Explore increasing funding for the senior tax work off program.
C. Explore new funding sources: project mitigation funds; meals tax adoption, etc.
4D. FY 2014 Fiscal Planning with FinCom, Schools.
E. Cost-benefit comparison for capital expenditures .
4F. Continue to explore other tax relief programs for seniors.

5. Environmental
5A. Farmland Preservation, including MAGIC comprehensive agricultural planning program. 
5B. Explore grant funding opportunities to preserve prime agricultural soils along Littleton Common Area C, open space 
5C. Future land acquisitions should include active recreation areas; develop process for future fields with Park & Recreation Commission 
D. Couper Farm preservatio
Update Open Space and Recreation Plan

6. Regulatory Issues
6A. Review status of Sign By-law amendment proposal
6B. Quarry Closure Plan Development - monitor and encourage the Quarry Committee’s development of a quarry closure plan with Aggregate Industries
6C. Update plan to expand affordable housing opportunities in Littleton.
Preserve, monitor affordable housing units in Littleton; explore MAGIC regional housing services office, etc.
D. Investigate, explore, and consider deer control activities on conservation land . .

7. Information/ Communication
7A. Communications with businesses: maintain lines of communication with the business community and our state and federal legislators
7B. Communications with Town boards: hold an All Boards meeting

8. Town Boards
8A. Support the work of the Littleton Tercentennial Celebration Committee for 2014
8B. Update the Code of Conduct and Ethics adopted by the Selectmen in 2008
8C. Develop and implement Town volunteer appreciation program. 

Secondary list of goals for future years
S-1. Develop two 10-year infrastructure plans: one for maintenance, the other for new development. Maintenance plans could include the Town Hall, Fire Station, the track, etc. The new development plan could include the library, recreation department, COA, etc.
S-2. Create a plan to develop a Department of Public Works to manage and maintain all of Littleton’s facilities, incorporating the functions of facilities management, buildings and grounds, cemetery, highway, and engineering.
S-3. Update the five-year capital improvements plan, reflecting priorities of the Selectmen, School Committee, and Finance Committee.
S-4. Review the Demolition Delay By-law.

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