Youth Scholarship Fund Information

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What is a scholarship?

A scholarship is a reduced rate or fee assistance for Department Programs and Youth Sports based on a financial need.   All applicant’s personal financial information is kept confidential. 

Scholarships can be applied  to Youth Sports Leagues, Camp Tahattawan sessions, Teen Recreation Adventure Crew (T.R.A.C.) sessions, and Swim Lessons.

The scholarship  does not cover the following:

  • Facility/Field Rental Fees
  • Beach Stickers
  • Late Fees
  • Adult Athletic Team/Or Player Fees
  • Program Fees Of $10.00 Or Less
  • Teen After School Klub (T.A.S.K.)
  • Kids Adventures
  • Most Community Education classes.

Are there any fees?

Applications for Littleton Parks, Recreation, and Community Education programs MUST pay the Park the Park and Recreation Annual Fee of $5.00 per person and may have to pay a percentage of the program fees; this cost is based on a percentage scale derived from yearly family income and number of household members. This is not required for youth sports registrations.

How to apply for scholarships or reduced fees?

1.  Complete the Park, Recreation & Comm. Ed. Department Scholarship Application Form. 

2.  Attach supportive documentation to substantiate annual income.  Staff can not approve scholarship application without proper documentation.

  • Applications and financial information must come in before registrations close or late fees are applied for programs. The Youth Scholarship Fund will not cover late fees.

3.    Fax, mail or drop off all information to:      

Littleton PRCE Dept.
PO Box 934
Littleton, MA  01460
Fax: (978) 952-6053                                       

4.       Applicants will be notified within 5 business days regarding their fee status.

5.      Once approved, any reduced program fees must be paid within 3 days of award notice or call in order to participate in any class, activity or program.  Classes or programs that are full or cancelled may not be available regardless of scholarship status. 

The scholarship application will not hold a reservation for any class, activity or program with limited registration spots.  The registration is not completed until after the scholarship is approved and the balance is paid in full.  The scholarship application must be completed at least three business days before the deadline, in order to insure that the applicant may have a change to pay the balance in full, which must be done before the deadline.

Who can receive a scholarship?

Scholarships are available to Town of Littleton residents ONLY.  Discounts are based on the number of immediate family members in the household and their combined income from all sources.

Income is calculated on gross income (before deductions from taxes, insurance premiums, union dues, bond, employee’s social security taxes and other employee deductions).  Income includes net income from self-employment, social security, public assistance, alimony, child support payments, regular contributions from people not living in the same household, monetary compensation for services such as wages, salary, and commission for fees and other cash income.

The Town of Littleton Parks, Recreation & Comm. Ed. Department may consider both the income of the family during the previous calendar year and the family’s current income to determine which is the better indicator or need for a scholarship. 

What if I do not meet the financial need requirement?

If the applicant does not meet the financial requirements they can write a letter stating why they need to scholarship support. This document will be reviewed by the P.R.C.E. Director and a Mighty Oak Foundation Trustee and will be approved or denied per their decision. Letters should be emailed to or mailed to 33 Shattuck Street, Littleton, MA 01460.

Any further questions can be answered by calling Alicia Day, P.R.C.E. Director at the Town of Littleton’s Parks, Recreation & Community Education Department at (978) 540-2491 or via email