T.A.S.K.- Teen After School Klub

 *Register for Fall 2017 TASK here

In addition to registering online, please fill out the Required Forms and return any health records to the office or email to littletonrec@littletonma.org 

TASK is designed for kids in 6th through 8th grade. This program is a great way for your child to experience more social time with their friends and peers after the last bell rings for school, while still enjoying a sense of structure. Activities will include a variety of different sports, arts and craft projects and a block of down time where a staff member can help kids with homework, projects or reading if needed.

This program runs from 1:45 PM to 6:00 PM everyday to allow those participants in school-sponsored-activities to be a part of our program.
The "Klub" Home Base is at the Middle School Library. There will be access to computers. TASK mirrors the schools policy on computers, with the primary use for academic intentions. Homework help will be in a quiet environment. TASK Staff are assisting in homework needs, not to do the homework, but to only further the learning experience. This homework help is not to supplement teaching or tutors.


Pricing is calculated by Months, NOT weeks to allow for proper staffing and student ratios.
You have the option of attending this program from 2 Days to 5 Days
2 Days a week: $160/Month
3 Days a week: $240/month
4 Days a week: $272/month
5 Days a week: $320/month
10% Discount for siblings

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Contact Information

Address: 33 Shattuck Street
Office Phone: 978-540-2490
TASK Phone: 978-884-1728
Email: littletonrec@littletonma.org





T.A.S.K. Program Information

Location: Students should check in in the Library directly after school

TASK Hours: 1:45 pm – 6:00 pm  You can pick up any time before 6:00 pm, please do not be late!

Pick up: call the TASK phone 978-884-1728 and tell staff who you are picking up, TASK staff will walk down and meet you at the front door for sign out (the main doors are locked)  

           Please note: TASK staff has access to phone during TASK hours only

Absences: Please call or email if your child is going to be absent

-  Office phone number – 978-540-2490

- TASK phone: 978-884-1728 (you can leave a message during the day)

- Email: littletonrec@littletonma.org 

Medications: If your child has any medications, an Epi-Pen, or inhaler they must be dropped off to TASK staff on the first day your child attends program

Snacks: Most students are VERY hungry after school! Please pack extra snacks and drinks for your child(ren).