Field Status


All fields will be treated with fertilizer on May 25th, 2017!

There is to be NO usage of any field on May 25th, 2017!


This update reflects the schedule for Thursday, May 25th, 2017 (Updated: 05/25/2017 @ 9:00am)

***Scroll down for detailed field by field information***

Field Usage Decision Information 

  • During the week a decision on field closures will be made no later than 12:00 pm.
  • During the weekend a decision on field closures will made the evening before.
  • These times have been chosen to allow adequate time to alert coaches and players of cancellation.
  • If there is a field closure the PRCE Director will email the presidents of each sport and it will be their responsibility to pass that information on to their coaches and participants.
  • COACHES please contact the president of your respective league for more information

PLEASE use common sense when using the fields. If an area is still wet – avoid it. If cleats are causing damage – stop playing.

If it starts to rain and fields become saturated (ground feels spongy) and/or there is standing water on the field; they will revert to closed status.

All decisions on closing the fields are made with field preservation in mind and are final once posted online.



***Scroll down for detailed field by field information***

Koerper FieldCLOSED - Fertilizer application

St. Ann’s Soccer Fields(Right to Left from Parking Lot)

Field #1- CLOSED - Fertilizer application

Field #2- CLOSED - Fertilizer application

Field #3- CLOSED - Fertilizer application

Shaker Lane Fields:

Shaker Field- CLOSED - Fertilizer application

Couper Field- CLOSED - Fertilizer application

Ken White Field- CLOSED - Fertilizer application

Shattuck Street Baseball Field- CLOSED - Fertilizer application

Russell Street Fields:

Track Field- CLOSED - Fertilizer application

Bill Whitcomb Baseball Field-  CLOSED - Fertilizer application

Bill Whitcomb LAX/Soccer Fields- CLOSED - Fertilizer application

Jet Softball Field- CLOSED FOR CONSTRUCTION until Fall 2017

Middle School Field- Field will be CLOSED to all use for rehabilitation until Fall 2017.

Alumni Field- CLOSED FOR CONSTRUCTION until Fall 2017.

Littleton High School Fields:

Baseball Field- CLOSED - Fertilizer application

Softball Field- CLOSED - Fertilizer application

LAX/Football Field- CLOSED - Fertilizer application