Dear Littleton Residents,

The video equipment that was approved at the last Special Town Meeting (Nov 2015) for LCTV has been installed and was commissioned Friday, January 29, 2016.  The changes are not only to how we record meetings and how residents watch video On-Demand, but the launch of the Educational Channels (Comcast 99 / Verizon 36). 

The Education channel will offer programming that originates in the Littleton School District (Arts, Sports, and Academics) as well as provide an outlet for nature, science and DIY programming. Also the School Committee Meeting Live Coverage and playback will be featured on the Education channel.

Another major change in LCTV media is that the new Video on Demand service provides new features such as streaming content of programming that is airing ‘Live’ on any of the three Public, Education, and Government channels and an interactive per channel Schedule interface.

The On-Demand (VOD) site is organized differently from our initial VOD service.  In a thumbnail, users will access the website ( )via a web browser user interface. At the top left of the Browser page is the LCTV logo.  To the Right are four buttons, Recent, Programs, Live, and Schedule. You will notice below these buttons are thumbnail pictures with the names of the meetings or programs.

 Recent bar.GIF




The Recent button – These are the most recently uploaded video files to our On-Demand site. 


Program button - Currently we have uploaded approximately three months of meetings for each Committee and Board that LCTV covers.

Notice in the bottom right corner of the thumbnail picture a stack of small white pages with an arrow pointing to the corner.  This means that there are multiple video files of that name grouping.



Clicking on the thumbnail opens another window below with a list of the videos in the right column.  Clicking on one of the video thumbnails on the right will launch the playback of the meeting or program. Video playback can also be done from the Schedule button by clicking on the scheduled program picture thumbnail. Note that as before, only locally produced content and programming will be stored On-Demand for playback.









Live Button - Clicking this button, displays three Channel buttons, Public, Education, and Government


Clicking on one of the three will display what is currently playing on the respective channel, including Live broadcasts.  This is the new streaming content that can be accessed via wired, wireless, and 4G enabled web devices.


Schedule Button - Clicking this button, displays the three Channel buttons - Public, Education, and Government



Clicking one of the buttons will display the schedule for that channel in a weekly format. With the current selected day displayed at the top


You can further click on the picture thumbnail if displayed (not all Pubic programming is uploaded to VOD) to launch the VOD playback of that program.









Embedded URL links – If your Board or Committee has directly linked to a specific On-Demand VOD program; You will need to relink to the new program location thru the new web interface by navigating to the VOD file(as if you were going to play it), then copying the URL link displayed at the top of your browser and paste it into your web page.