Westlawn Cemetery

The cemeteries of Littleton are rich treasures that tie together our past and present. For many, these cemeteries serve as a place for quiet reflection and a place to visit loved ones. 
For others, they hold clues to life in historic Littleton or help to confirm forgotten family connections. An early morning stroll through the cemeteries often reveals a diversity of songbirds and wildlife. 
We invite you to our cemeteries to reflect, walk, or delve into our community's history. Enjoy the songbirds, the blossoms, the history, and the peace that you will find in our local burial grounds.


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Thomas Bailey
Cemetery Superintendent

Laurie Taylor
Cemetery Groundskeeper

7 New Estate Road,
Littleton, MA 01460

Phone -978-540-2480
Fax - 978-952-6664