Town Hall Office Space Reconfiguration

Recommendation #10 of the Town Government Study Committee's June 2007 Report was to "reconfigure the layout of the Town Hall to enable more effective interaction among similar departments (finance, permitting, etc.), and to improve service to the public." 

Working with affected boards and departments during the Fall of 2007, a conceptual plan was developed for reconfiguration of the second and third floors of Town Hall for finance and regulatory offices, respectively, while freeing up additional space for the Council on Aging.

Funding was obtained at the November 5, 2007 and May 5, 2008 Special Town Meetings, and the Board of Selectmen awarded the construction contract on May 12, 2008. Work should be completed during June 2008.

As the Town implements the Town Hall Office Space reconfiguration project, certain Town offices have been relocated. Here's where you can find them:

Relocated office  New Location 
Town Accountant 2nd floor 
Treasurer 2nd floor 
Planning Board 2nd floor 
Board of Health 3rd floor 
Conservation Commission 3rd floor 
Council on Aging - additional space 2nd floor adjacent to COA

2nd floor : Finance departments (Accountant, Treasurer, Collector, Assessors) and the Town Clerk. 3rd floor : Regulatory boards and departments (Building Commissioner, Planning, Conservation, Health, ZBA), and the Selectmen/Town Administrator, plus a new additional meeting room.  More space for the Council on Aging on the second floor adjacent to COA's current offices.

Article 7 of the November 5, 2007 Special Town Meeting appropriated $75,000 for the purpose of reconfiguring Town Hall office space. On November 19, 2007, the Board of Selectmen approved the conceptual plan, prepared by Maugel Architects, Inc . of Harvard, MA. Maugel had earlier been hired to prepare a feasibility study to explore space needs for the Park & Recreation and Council on Aging.  Maugel was hired to prepare conceptual bid plans for reconfiguration of Town Hall office space. The Permanent Municipal Building Committee voted on January 2, 2008 to accept jurisdiction for overseeing this building project, which went out to bid in the Spring of 2008. Supplemental funds were obtained from the May 5, 2008 Special Town Meeting, and the Board of Selectmen voted on May 12, 2008 to award the construction contract to low bidder Integrated Solutions Group of Newton, MA for the base bid of $63,500 plus six bid alternates, for a total amount of $94,989 for Town Hall Alterations. The project will be completed during June 2008.