Monday, May 4, 2015 Town Meetings

UPDATED - Town Meeting Results: Read the results of the May 4, 2015 Annual and Special Town Meetings. Watch LCTV video of the proceedings.

Date/Time: Monday, May 4, 2015 at 7:00 PM
Location: Charles Forbes Kaye Gymnasium, Littleton Middle School, 55 Russell Street, Littleton, MA 01460 
Reports  TOWN MEETING REPORT: Articles, motions, recommendations, explanations, Consent Calendar, Finance Committee Report  - to be mailed in mid April 2015
FinCom FY 2016 budget presentation for Town Meeting
2014 Annual Town Report
ATM-4 FY 2016 Operating Budget 
FY 2016 School Budget
  Stretch Energy Code presentation (ATM-18)  Watch LCTV video of 4/7/15 info session
Annual Town Meeting warrant - posted on March 24, 2015
Special Town Meeting warrant - posed on March 24, 2015
Petition for Town Meeting Article 
Town Meeting Guidelines


Special Town Meeting

1. Bills of Prior Years [9/10ths vote]
2. FY 2015 Line Item Transfers
3. Snow & Ice Supplemental Appropriation
4. FY 2015 Capital Improvements Plan Adjustments
5. FY 2015 Water Enterprise Fund Transfers - requested by Board of Water Commissioners
6. Borrowing: Cedar Hill Water Tank [2/3rds vote] - withdrawn by Board of Water Commissioners
7. Roadway Improvement Plan – Supplemental Borrowing [2/3rds vote]
8. FY 2015 Appropriations into Blended Community Preservation Act Fund

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Annual Town Meeting

1. Town Officers
2. Annual Report

Financial Articles
3. FY 2016 Revolving Funds
4. FY 2016 Operating Budget
5. FY 2016 Water Enterprise Fund Operating Budget
6. FY 2016 Park/Recreation Enterprise Fund Operating Budget
7. FY 2016 Capital Items from Available Funds
8. FY 2016 Community Preservation Budget
9. Fund Collective Bargaining Agreements
10. Personnel By-law Amendments
11. Stabilization Fund [2/3rds vote]
12. Capital Stabilization Fund [2/3rds vote]
13. School Trust Fund Grants
14. Senior Work Program
15. Use of Chapter 90 MassDOT Funds
16. Rescind unused borrowing authority [2/3rds vote]

Articles requiring supermajority vote
17. Zoning By-law Amendment: Nonconforming Structures [2/3rds vote]

Other articles, including routine authorizations and reauthorizations
18. Town By-law Amendment: Stretch Energy Code (Green Communities Act criterion)
19. Complete Streets Program
20. Borrowing Authorization
21. Compensating Balance Agreement
22. FY 2016 Personal Exemption Amounts

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