Monday, May 1, 2017 Town Meetings

Read the results of the May 1, 2017 Annual and Special Town Meetings.

Date/Time: Monday, May 1, 2017 at 7:00 PM
Location: Charles Forbes Kaye Gymnasium, Littleton Middle School, 55 Russell Street, Littleton, MA 01460 
Reports (forthcoming) TOWN MEETING REPORT: Articles, motions, recommendations, explanations, Consent Calendar, Finance Committee Report  - to be mailed in mid April 2017
FinCom FY 2018 budget presentation for Town Meeting
2016 Annual Town Report
ATM-4 FY 2018 Operating Budget 
FY 2018 School Budget
Annual Town Meeting warrant - posted March 28, 2017
Special Town Meeting warrant - posted March 28, 2017
Petition for Town Meeting Article 
Town Meeting Guidelines


Town Meeting Articles

Special Town Meeting

1. Bills of Prior Years [9/10ths vote]
2. FY 2017 Operating Budget Line Item Transfers - withdrawn
3. FY 2017 Appropriations into Blended Community Preservation Act Fund
4. Library Building Project [2/3rds vote]
5. FY 2017 Capital Plan Amendments
6. Amend Source of Funding for Acquisition of 34 Cedar Road - Water Commissioners

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Annual Town Meeting

1. Town Officers*
2. Annual Report [including Master Plan Update]
3. Zoning Amendment: Senior Residential Development - article did not pass [125-68 (2/3rds vote required)] 
Financial Articles
4. FY 2018 Operating Budget
5. FY 2018 Revolving Funds*
6. FY 2018 Water Enterprise Fund Operating Budget*
7. FY 2018 Park, Recreation & Community Education Enterprise Fund Operating Budget*
8. FY 2018 Capital Items from Available Funds
9. FY 2018 Community Preservation Budget*
10. Personnel By-law Amendments*
11. Stabilization Fund
12. Capital Stabilization Fund
13. Debt Exclusion Stabilization Fund
14. Trust Fund Grant* 
15. Senior Citizens and Veterans Tax Work-off Abatement Programs*
16. Use of MassDOT Chapter 90 Funds* 
Articles requiring supermajority vote
17. Zoning Amendment: Accessory Apartment [2/3rds vote]
18. Zoning Amendment: Temporary Moratorium Marijuana Establishments [2/3rds vote]
19. Town Offices / Middle School / Russell Street School Parcel [2/3rds vote]*
20. Acquire Land at Parcel U39-4-14 for Mill Pond Restoration Project [2/3rds vote]
21. Acquire Land at 31 Boxborough Road [Joyce Williams] for Conservation Purposes [2/3rds vote]
Other articles, including routine authorizations and reauthorizations
22. Town By-law Amendment: Town Meeting Procedures
23. Town By-law Amendment: Departmental Revolving Funds*
24. Home Rule Petition: Two Additional All Alcoholic Package Store Licenses - article did not pass.
25. Voter Petition: Non-binding Resolution – Affirming Littleton’s Rights – Nagog Pond  - withdrawn
26. Voter Petition: Non-binding Resolution – Water Resource Sharing – Nagog Pond - withdrawn
27. Borrowing Authorization*
28. Supplemental Prior Borrowing Votes to Permit Application of Sale Premium to Pay Project Costs*
29. Compensating Balance Agreement*
30. FY 2018 Personal Exemption Amounts*

*articles passed unanimously following "Call of the Articles"

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