TA Blog: 2017-01-09 BOS

Below is the TA's summary of what transpired at the Board of Selectmen's meeting of January 9, 2017. Questions or comments? Contact the Town AdministratorOfficial meeting minutes will be posted when approved by the Board. Read the meeting packet.  

January 9, 2017 Board of Selectmen Meeting Summary

1. Organization / Read Mail

- Mass. Economic Assistance Coordinating Council – 12/13/16 - approved EDIP/TIF application for Patriot Beverage, 20 Harvard Road - state investment tax credits of $625,000 
- Mass. Community Compact – 12/15/16 – awarded $50,000 regionalization and efficiency grant for MAGIC stormwater, augmented by $40,000 from MAPC DLTA funds
- Letters of resignation: Barbara McRae from Housing Authority; Peter Yapp from Agricultural Commission
- Future events: Littleton Country Gardeners plant sale – Sat. May 13, 2017; Harvard Firefighters memorial bike race – Sat. June 3, 2017

2A. Police Appointment: Patrol Officer (J. Bowen) - The Board of Selectmen voted to promote full-time communications officer and reserve police officer Jesse Bowen of Fitchburg, as a full-time patrol officer.   

 2B. Police & Fire: Public Safety Strategic Plans w/Team Training Associates - The Town of Littleton’s September 2015 Community Compact with the Baker/Polito Administration included a "best practice" of development a public safety strategic plan, for which the Commonwealth provided a $15,000 grant for the Town to hire a consultant. See draft reports from Team Training Associates for Police and Fire.  

 2C. Highway Procurement: Bobcat Skid Steer Loader - The Board of Selectmen voted, pursuant to Article 7 of the May 2, 2016 Annual Town Meeting, to approve award of a contract in the amount of $60,200 to Bobcat of Boston of North Reading, MA for the purchase of a new Bobcat Skid Steer Loader with accessories for the Highway Department. 

3A. Public Input
3B. Members’ Updates
3C. Selectmen Goal Updates

 4A. Master Plan Update Steering Committee Update - MPUSC chair Paul Avella updated the Selectmen on progress and schedule for adoption of the Master Plan Update by the May 1, 2017 Annual Town Meeting. See presentation

 4B. Economic Development Committee Update - EDC chair Neil O'Leary reported on EDC's efforts to update Town website’s “Doing Business In Littleton” link, and its interest in assisting with Littleton Common sewer strategic plan.

 5. Affordable Housing Update - Rescheduled to a future meeting. :

 6A. FY 2018 Budget Update - Saturday, January 9, 2017’s day-long FY 2018 budget meeting of the Finance Committee and Board of Selectmen ended early due to winter weather. Budgets not reached on Saturday: Community Preservation Committee; Historical Commission; Conservation Commission; Information Systems; Littleton Water Department (now scheduled for Feb 7, 2017 FinCom meeting); Finance & Budget - Accounting, Assessors, Collector, General Liability Insurance; Selectmen/Town Administrator/Legal; and Treasurer/Fringe/OPEB.
- Finance Committee joint meeting with Board of Selectmen and School Committee to be rescheduled from January 17, 2017 to February 7, 2017.

 6B. Nagog Hill Orchard Lease – Nagog Fruiters, Inc. – One-Year Extension - The Board of Selectmen voted to execute a further one-year extension from January 15, 2017 to January 15, 2018 of the June 22, 2000 lease agreement with Nagog Fruiters, Inc. for the Morrison/Nagog Hill Orchard property, on the same terms and conditions as the lease, as extended.

6C. One-day Entertainment License: Gallery Café, 529 King Street - The Board of Selectmen voted to waive its requirement for a public hearing and approve a one-day entertainment license application under MGL C.140,§181 for Gallery Café, 529 King Street, Littleton, to allow live music performance on Saturday, January 14, 2017 from 7 to 9 PM to benefit Loaves and Fishes.

 7A. Minutes Approval - The Board of Selectmen voted to approve the meeting minutes of December 12, 2016.