TA Blog: 2017-02-13 BOS

Below is the TA's summary of what transpired at the Board of Selectmen's meeting of February 13, 2017. Questions or comments? Contact the Town AdministratorOfficial meeting minutes will be posted when approved by the Board. Read the meeting packet.  

February 13, 2017 Board of Selectmen Meeting Summary

1. Organization / Read Mail

- Long-time Board of Health member Peter Cassinari remembered
- Fire Department EOPSS grant awards: $3,951 Student Awareness of Fire Education (SAFE), and $2,596 Senior SAFE
- Attorney General approves Administration & Finance By-law amendments passed by 11/16/16 STM
- Master Plan Update draft recommendations for review. Comments due 2/24/17

2A. Housing Authority – Notice of Vacancy – Fill with LHA Tenant - The Board of Selectmen voted as follows relative to filling a vacancy on the Littleton Housing Authority (LHA) board created by the resignation of Barbara McRae, effective January 9, 2017: (1) to receive notice of said vacancy given by the remaining members of the LHA board, received on February 8, 2017 pursuant to MGL C.41,§11; (2) to determine that said vacancy shall be filled with an LHA tenant in accordance with MGL C.121B, §§5-5A for a term expiring May 2020 or until a new member is qualified under regulations issued by the Massachusetts Department of Housing and Community Development (DHCD), whichever comes first; (3) to give notice to the remaining LHA board members that the Board of Selectmen shall convene a joint meeting with the intent to fill said vacancy by joint appointment to be made on Monday, March 13, 2017 at 7:15 PM; and (4) to invite interested LHA tenants to apply for said appointment and to be interviewed at said joint meeting.

2B. Council on Aging: Elder/Human Services – Transportation Gift Fund – Eleanor Cooper Estate, GoFundMe - The Board of Selectmen voted, pursuant to MGL C.44,§53A to receive unsolicited gifts for deposit in the special gift fund for the transportation program of the Department of Elder & Human Services (1) from the Estate of Eleanor Mary Cooper ($10,000); and (2) from the GoFundMe for Littleton’s COA transportation fund ($4,185, to date).

2C. Conservation Commission / Planning Board: (1) Composting facility, 134 Taylor Street [R11-27-0]; (2) Cloverdale clearing, Great Road [U02-32-0] - In response to complaints, Conservation Coordinator Amy Green updated the Board regarding the composting facility at 134 Taylor Street, and clearing / burying stumps at the Town-owned Cloverdale property on Great Road. Both sites are under orders of condition of the Conservation Commission. The Board asked that Town Counsel review what other state regulations apply. 

3A. Smith Property, 189 Whitcomb Ave. [R13-6-0] - Conservation Restriction Amendment - The Board of Selectmen voted to amend its vote of December 3, 2007 and approve and sign the Restatement and Amendment to the Conservation Restriction from the Grantors, Edith Boyd Smith Investment Trust and the Paul Eugene Smith, Jr. Investment Trust, to the Grantees, Littleton Conservation Trust, pursuant to M.G.L. c. 184, §§31-33, for property located at 189 Whitcomb Avenue, to (1) allow further subdivision of the land, including allowing the Grantors to subdivide and sell a 40,005 square foot house lot; and (2) better describe and expand those residential activities allowed on the house lot, and better describe and expand the agricultural and forestry uses allowed on the entire parcel.

3B. MassDOT surplus land, Boxborough Rd. [R05-14-3] – Accept Deed– 11/16/16 STM Art. 11 - The Board of Selectmen voted as follows relative to the acquisition of surplus MassDOT property on Boxborough Road, comprised of 5.11 acres, more or less, as authorized by Article 15 of the November 16, 2016 Special Town Meeting, for the sum of $197,651: (1) to accept the deed for the subject property in the form provided by MassDOT, subject to final review and approval by Town Counsel ; and (2) to determine, in accordance with MGL c.30B,§16(e)(2), that advertising the purchase of said property will not benefit the Town's interest because of the unique qualities and location of the property, specifically, that the location of the property on Boxborough Road is in the immediate vicinity of Town owned conservation land and is one of the only parcels on Boxborough road without a residence that is available to the Town and can be used for parking purposes; and to direct Town Counsel to publish notice in writing of this determination in the Central Register as required by MGL c.30B, §16(e)(2).

3C. Joyce Williams property, 31 Boxborough Rd. [(R05-13-0): (1) Revised Purchase & Sales Agreement; (2) Land/Water Conservation Fund Grant - The Board of Selectmen voted relative to the proposed acquisition for conservation purposes of 35.11 acres plus trail and signage easements at 31 Boxborough Road (R05-13-0) for $1,273,758; as follows: (1) to approve and execute a revised purchase and sales agreement with owner Joyce Williams; to request funding therefor from the Community Preservation Committee; and to insert an article therefor onto the warrant of the May 1, 2017 Annual Town Meeting; and (2) to authorize submission of a grant application to the Massachusetts Executive Offices of Energy & Environmental Affairs under the federal Land and Water Conservation Fund program for $300,000 towards this purchase.

3D. Homescout properties, Crestview Rd. [R05-2-19, R05-2-20, R05-9A] - The Town has been contacted by a representative of Homescout, Inc. which owns property on Crestview Road, in the vicinity of the MassDOT and Joyce WIlliiams properties on Boxborough Road. 11.88 acres are being offered for $575,000. Input from Town boards will continue to be sought on this offer.

4. Public Input / Members’ Updates / Selectmen Goal Updates

5. FY 2018 Operating Budget, Capital Improvements Plan Review - The next joint meeting of the Board of Selectmen, Finance Committee, and School Committee is scheduled for Monday, February 27, 2017.

6. May 1, 2017 Annual & Special Town Meetings: Open Warrants, Set Closing, Insert Articles
- The Board of Selectmen voted, pursuant to MGL C.39,§10 and Town Code §41-1, to open the warrants for the Monday, May 1, 2017 Annual and Special Town Meetings forthwith, and to close said warrants on Friday, March 24, 2017 at noon; said town meetings to be held in the Charles Forbes Kaye Gymnasium, Littleton Middle School, 55 Russell Street, Littleton.
- The Board of Selectmen voted to insert the following articles onto the warrant for the May 1, 2017 [Annual/Special] Town Meeting, subject to approval as to form by Town Counsel:
1. Bills of Prior Years [9/10ths vote]
2. FY 2017 Operating Budget Line Item Transfers
3. FY 2017 Appropriations into Blended Community Preservation Act Fund
4. FY 2017 Capital Plan Amendments
5. Amend Source of Funding for Acquisition of 34 Cedar Road - Water Commissioners
1. Town Officers
2. Annual Report
3. FY 2018 Revolving Funds
4. FY 2018 Operating Budget
9. Personnel By-law Amendments
10. Stabilization Fund
11. Capital Stabilization Fund
12. Debt Exclusion Stabilization Fund
13. Trust Fund Grant [$4,000 – DEHS animal care assistance]
15.Use of MassDOT Chapter 90 Funds
22. Acquire Land at 31 Boxborough Road [Joyce Williams] for Conservation Purposes
27. Borrowing Authorization
28. Compensating Balance Agreement
29.FY 2018 Personal Exemption Amounts

7A. Adopt Public Safety Strategic Plans as Community Compact Best Practices for Police, Fire Departments - The Board of Selectmen voted to adopt, as best practices undertaken pursuant to its September 3, 2015 Community Compact with the Baker / Polito Administration, the public safety strategic plans for the Littleton Police and Fire Departments prepared by Team Training Associates and introduced at the Selectmen’s meeting on January 9, 2017, as revised.

7B. Director of Public Works – Selectmen’s goal updates -
(1) Goal 5 - Roadway Improvement Plan / Complete Streets
- DPW Director Chris Stoddard, P.E., presented updates on the roadway improvement plan, Nagog HIll Road reconstruction, Complete Streets, and other projects.  Further update on roads in early March. 
(2) Goal 3- Littleton Common Sewer Strategic Plan - Request for Proposal per 11/16/16 STM Art. 5-C - The Board of Selectmen voted to authorize issuance of the Request for Proposals (RFP) for the Littleton Common Sewer Strategic Plan, as prepared by the Director of Public Works and reviewed by Town Counsel.
- Add Year 2 project for Littleton Common sewer to the FY 2018 Capital Improvements Plan.
- Develop timeline for RFP issuance and bid opening, for dollar figure to request in FY 2018 CIP.

7C. Narcissus Road Tax Title Properties: Authorize Sealed Bids– [Map U12, Parcels 111, 113, 114, 115] - 11/16/16 STM Art. 13 - The Board of Selectmen voted not to take any action relative to the Narcissus Road tax title properties: Map U12, Parcels 111, 113, 114 and 115.

8. Minutes Approval - The Board of Selectmen voted to approve the meeting minutes of January 23, 2017, as amended.