TA Blog: 2017-03-13 BOS

Below is the TA's summary of what transpired at the Board of Selectmen's meeting of March 13, 2017. Questions or comments? Contact the Town AdministratorOfficial meeting minutes will be posted when approved by the Board. Read the meeting packet.  

March 13, 2017 Board of Selectmen Meeting Summary

1. Organization / Read Mail
- Master Plan Update report documents available online - comments due March 24, 2017
- Winter Storm forecast for Tuesday, March 14, 2017 - Town Offices will be closed, meetings rescheduled.  Schools closed.  Transfer Station closed; reopens Wednesday at noon.

 2A. Reserve Police Officer Appointment - Thomas Budka - The Board of Selectmen voted, pursuant to MGL C.41,§97A, to appoint Thomas J. Budka of Ayer, MA as a reserve police officer for the Littleton Police Department.

2B. Accreditation Update – Final set of departmental regulations - The Board of Selectmen voted, pursuant to MGL C.41,§97A, to approve the following regulations for the Littleton Police Department as submitted by Chief of Police Matthew King on March 3, 2017: 4.05, Department Structure and Organization; 9.04 Investigations – Follow-up; 13.03, Operational Readiness; and 13.06, Mandatory Notification of Chief of Police.

3. Permanent Municipal Building Committee – Fire Station Facility Expansion, Alumni Field Renovation, Town Building Space Needs Study- The Board of Selectmen heard updates from the PMBC on the Fire Station Facility Expansion, Alumni Field Renovation, and Town Building Space Needs Study.

4. Joint Meeting with Housing Authority to fill LHA Vacancy with LHA Tenant - The Board of Selectmen and the remaining members of the Littleton Housing Authority voted, pursuant to MGL C.41,§11 and C.121B, §§5-5A, to appoint LHA tenant Joanne Courtemanche to fill a vacancy on the Housing Authority board for a term expiring May 2020 or until a new member is qualified under regulations issued by the Massachusetts Department of Housing and Community Development (DHCD), whichever comes first.

5. Public Input / Members’ Updates / Selectmen Goal Updates
- Littleton Common sewer strategy: four engineering proposals have been received and will be scheduled for review during the week of March 20th.  Public meetings to be posted.
- Master Plan Update Steering Committee meeting rescheduled to Wednesday, March 15th at 7 PM.

 6. Director of Public Works – Roadway Improvements Plan - Director of Public Works Chris Stoddard presented his proposed pavement management plan to undertake a combination of crack sealing, fog sealing, micro surfacing, and mill and overlays on an estimated 15 miles of roads in the town for FY 2018. See PowerPoint presentation

 7. May 1, 2017 Annual & Special Town Meetings – Insert Articles - The Board of Selectmen vote to insert the following articles onto the warrant for the May 1, 2017 Annual Town Meeting, subject to approval as to form by Town Counsel, and subject to authorizing votes from the requesting boards:

- FY 2018 Water Enterprise Fund Operating Budget [requested by Water Commissioners]
- FY 2018 PRCE Enterprise Fund Budget [Park & Recreation Commission]
- FY 2018 Community Preservation Budget [Community Preservation Committee]
- Town Hall / Middle School / Russell Street School Parcel
- Acquire Land at 101 Harwood Avenue for Mill Pond Restoration Project [Clean Lakes Committee]
- Supplemental Prior Borrowing Votes for Sale Premium to Pay Project Costs
- Town By-law Amendment: Departmental Revolving Funds
- Home Rule Petition: Two All Alcoholic Package Store Licenses
- Zoning By-law amendments: Senior Housing Development; Accessory Apartments; and Temporary Moratorium / Retail Sales of Recreational Marijuana [Planning Board]
The Town Meeting warrants close Friday, March 24, 2017 at noon. The Board of Selectmen will adopt recommendations on articles on March 27 and April 10, 2017.

8A. Elder/Human Services / Council on Aging - Henry Vincent Couper Foundation Donations: $10,000 for energy, $5,000 for transportation - The Board of Selectmen voted, pursuant to MGL C.44,§53A to receive and deposit gifts from the Henry Vincent Couper Foundation as follows: (1) $10,000 for the special gift fund for energy and other assistance for needy Littleton residents and (2) $5,000 the special gift fund for the transportation program of the Department of Elder & Human Services.

8B. FY 2018 Operating and Capital Budget Updates - The Board reviewed again the budget update from AAFB Bonnie Holston discussed from the joint meeting on February 27, 2017, along with proposal for displaying all field maintenance budget costs in a single operating budget for FY 2018.  During discussion with School Committee chair, it was understood that Highway department would determine when to water the fields, and School department will pay the water bill for FY 2018. The Memorandum of Agreement between the School Committee, Park & Recreation Commission, and Board of Selectmen will be revisited. 

8C. Approve Appointment of Bonnie Holston as Director of Finance & Budget - The Board of Selectmen voted to approve the Town Administrator’s appointment of Assistant Town Administrator for Finance and Budget Bonnie-Mae Holston instead as “Director of Finance and Budget” pursuant to amendments to Town Code Chapters 3 and 17 approved by Special Town Meeting on November 16, 2016 and by the Attorney General on January 24, 2017, with said appointment to become effective March 27, 2017. 

 9A. Minutes Approval - The Board of Selectmen voted to approve the meeting minutes of February 23, 2017 and February 27, 2017, as amended by Selectman Glavey.