TA Blog: 2017-04-10 BOS

Below is the TA's summary of what transpired at the Board of Selectmen's meeting of April 10, 2017. Questions or comments? Contact the Town AdministratorOfficial meeting minutes will be posted when approved by the Board. Read the meeting packet.  

April 10, 2017 Board of Selectmen Meeting Summary

1. Organization / Read Mail
- Mass. Dept of Revenue certifies Free Cash: General Fund, $6,192,679.00; Water Enterprise Fund, $814,285.00; PRCE Enterprise Fund, $226,049.00
- MassDOT Chapter 90 funds allotted - $397,288 for FY 2018 from $200-million statewide bond issue. In FY 2017, Littleton received $395,107
- Patriots Day observance - Wednesday, April 19, 2017 at 7 PM at Patriot Square
- Library Building Project - letters, email, petition. count as of meeting time: 189 support the project; 110 expressing concern
- Police Chief: Sergeant promotion panel; contract extension request

 2. Financial Impacts: Long-term Debt Projections for Capital/Facilities - To provide context for how much and when the Town can afford to take on significant new debt for capital /facilities, the finance team has been asked to update the projections presented on September 12, 2016. The April 2016 update indicates that FY 2026 would be the earliest the Town could handle significant new debt within the property tax levy limit. Read cover memo.

3. Public Input / Members’ Updates / Selectmen Goal Updates
- Master Plan Update Steering Committee asks that Board of Selectmen attend the Planning Board meeting on Thursday, April 20, 2017.
- Public information session on the Littleton Common smart sewer will be during the Board of Selectmen's next regular meeting on Monday, April 24, 2017.

4A. Town Moderator: Town Meeting Procedures - Town Moderator Tim Goddard discussed the proposal to introduce the practice of a “call of the articles” at the beginning of the May 1, 2017 Annual Town Meeting, and where debate only occurs on those articles called (as is done with the operating budget). Those articles not called are then unanimously adopted per the article sponsor’s proposed motion as printed in the Town Meeting Report. As such, it’s a consent calendar selected by the voters, themselves. The Town Meeting Report describes this proposed procure, which would replace the “consent calendar.”

4B. Surplus Declaration: Russell Street “Athletic Field” - 5/1/17 ATM Art. 19 Town Offices / Middle School / Russell Street School Parcel U19-21-0 - The Board of Selectmen voted to declare as surplus land acquired by deeds from Roland G. Houghton, Langdon Prouty and James D. Christie as Trustees of the Alice M. Whitcomb Trust dated July 27, 1942 and September 9, 1955 and recorded in the Middlesex South District Registry of Deeds in Book 6617, Page 394 and Book 8560, Page 118, respectively and shown as “Lot “1-A” Athletic Field” containing 6± acres, on a plan entitled “Town Parcel U19-21-0 Delineation Littleton, MA”, dated March 27, 2017 and prepared by the Town of Littleton, so that care, custody, control and management and said land may be transferred by Town Meeting from the Board of Selectmen for general municipal purposes to the School Committee for school purposes, and to vote to support May 1, 2017 Annual Town Meeting Article 19.  See color GIS map.

4C. May 1, 2017 Annual & Special Town Meeting Article Recommendations; Selectmen Article Assignments - The Board of Selectmen voted to support the following articles in the May 1, 2017 Annual Town Meeting warrant and direct the preparation of motions to be moved and seconded by said board: ATM-3 Senior Residential Development; ATM-17 Accessory Apartment; ATM-18 Temporary Moratorium on Marijuana Establishments.  The Planning Board had held hearings under MGL C.40A on Thu 4/6/17, and voted to recommend these three zoning articles.

5. Public Hearing: Proposal for two additional All Alcoholic Package Store licenses anywhere in town – 5/1/17 ATM Art. 24 - The Board of Selectmen conducted a public hearing on a proposal to seek special state legislation for two additional all alcohol package store licenses. This matter appears as Article 24 on the May 1, 2017 Annual Town Meeting. 

6. Elder Human Services: Multi-age group community center presentation - Elder & Human Services Director Pamela Campbell made a presentation on a “multi-age group community center” as an alternative to a standalone senior center. For FY 2017, the Selectmen’s goals include “Elder & Human Services Needs - review spaces needs with Elder & Human Services, Council on Aging, Friends of COA . . .” This idea can be explored in the building space needs analysis for Town Offices, including seniors, park and recreation, library, and other Town offices.

7A. Hazard Mitigation Plan adoption for FEMA approval - The Board of Selectmen voted as follows: WHEREAS, the Town of Littleton established a Committee to prepare the Town of Littleton Hazard Mitigation Plan 2017 Update; and WHEREAS, the Town of Littleton Hazard Mitigation Plan 2017 Update contains several potential future projects to mitigate potential impacts from natural hazards in the Town of Littleton, and WHEREAS, duly-noticed public meetings were held by the LOCAL HAZARD MITIGATION PLANNING TEAM on February 3, 2016, and October 17, 2016, and WHEREAS, the Town of Littleton authorizes responsible departments and/or agencies to execute their responsibilities demonstrated in the plan, and NOW, THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED that the Town of Littleton BOARD OF SELECTMEN adopts the Town of Littleton Hazard Mitigation Plan 2017 Update, in accordance with M.G.L. 40 §4 and the bylaws of the Town of Littleton.

7B. Procurement / Facility Project Updates - Littleton Common Smart Sewer RFP, Town buildings and space needs analysis, Nagog Hill Road reconstruction and Complete Streets improvements, Alumni Field renovations and amenities building project, and comprehensive needs assessment for recreation fields. 
- The Board of Selectmen voted its intent to approve a year-end transfer of $30,000 from 194 Unemployment Expenses to 191 Building/Facility Expense, to increase from $20,000 to $50,000 the amount available for the Town buildings and space needs analysis; and to make a confirmatory vote pursuant to MGL C.44§33B on May 1, 2017, within two months of the end of the fiscal year.
- The Board of Selectmen voted, pursuant to the Memorandum of Agreement with Littleton Commercial Investments, LLC, dated May 14, 2012 as amended, to notify developer Sam Park that design plans for the Russell Street sidewalk have been completed, and to amend the MOA language and request the $65,000 payment as provided in Paragraph C for Complete Streets improvements, with said sum to be reduced to $42,569.63 by applying the $22,430.37 unexpended balance from the $1,029,328 donated by the developer to augment the Town’s $1.8-million MassWorks grant for Route 119 traffic improvements.

8A. Administration of Performance Appraisal System: Town Administrator, Police Chief, Fire Chief - The Board of Selectmen voted that the FY 2017 annual performance reviews of the Board of Selectmen’s direct reports be conducted as follows: (1) the Town Administrator, by Chair Hebert; (2) the Police Chief, by Selectman Knox and Vice Chair DeCoste; and (3) the Fire Chief by Clerk Karr and Selectman Glavey.   See policy guidance document adopted by Selectmen in 2014.

8B. Minutes Approval - The Board of Selectmen voted to approve the meeting minutes of March 27, 2017.