TA Blog: 2017-06-26 BOS

Below is the TA's summary of what transpired at the Board of Selectmen's meeting of June 26, 2017.  Questions or comments? Contact the Town AdministratorOfficial meeting minutes will be posted when approved by the Board.  Read the meeting packet.

June 26, 2017 Board of Selectmen Meeting Summary

1. Selectmen's Goals for FY 2018 - The Board of Selectmen discussed proposed goals for FY 2018. See draft goals matrix, including selectmen goal assignments, staff contacts and other stakeholders.

1. Master Plan Implementation, Housing, Open Space, Green Communities
- Implement Master Plan; support Master Plan Implementation Committee
- Housing. Implement housing goals to remain above 10%.
- Open Space priorities, accessibility
- Recreation trails
- Green Communities – complete FY 2017 projects, submit competitive funding application in FY 2018
2.Economic Development
- Develop economic development strategic plan
- Doing business in Littleton website
- Master Plan economic development recommendations
3. Infrastructure Needs
- Littleton Common Smart Sewer Strategic Plan
- Water System
- Stormwater MS4
4. Transportation / Commuter Rail / CrossTown Connect
- Continue CrossTown Connect Community Compact with Baker/Polito Administration
- Pursue fixed route service w/CTC, MART to connect Littleton station with employment destinations
- Facilitate additional parking at Littleton MBTA commuter rail station
5. Roadway Improvement Plan; Complete Streets
- Review/update 10-year roadway improvements & maintenance plan
- Submit Complete Streets Tier 3 application to MassDOT for additional construction funding
- Pursue Complete Street improvements on State roads in Littleton
6. Elder & Human Services
- Include spaces needs for Elder & Human Services in Town Offices space needs study.
- Expand Personal Exemptions from 50% to 100% / 200% to be presented to Fall STM
7. Public Safety Strategic Plans
- Complete Fire Station expansion project
- Implement Advanced Life Support services in Fire Department
- Achieve full accreditation of Police Department
- Opioid/NARCAN outreach
- Police Chief hiring process, appointment of next chief
8. Organizational Review
- Selectmen’s retreat
- Organizational Review; By-law Review; Review status of boards and committees, website upgrade
- Review three-party agreement for fields maintenance with Park & Rec, Schools
-Town Meeting improvements, communications
- Expand LCTV coverage of Town boards
9. Long-Range Fiscal Plan
-Update Financial Policies
- Plan for when Town can take on additional debt
- Debt Exclusion Stabilization
- Blended Community Preservation Act
10. Town Facilities
- Complete Alumni Field renovations by 9/1/17
- Athletic field needs study
- Town Offices space needs study
- ADA accessibility of Town buildings
- Library building project MBLC grant
- Veterans Corner Memorial