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Motor Vehicle Crash Reports

If you are involved in a motor vehicle accident which caused personal injury, death, or over $1,000.00 worth of property damage, then you are required by Massachusetts Law to file a Motor Vehicle Crash Operator Report within five (5) days of the accident.  This is required even if a Law Enforcement Officer was at the scene.  Blank copies of the report can be found at the Littleton Police Department, or by clicking the link to the right.  

*Please read the first page carefully and mail copies of the report to every party as indicated on page one (1).*

Once your written report has been filed with and approved by the Littleton Police Department, the Officer's copy of the Accident (AC) report may be requested.  To request a copy, please complete a Report Request Form and submit, in person with your State Issued Identification Card, to the Littleton Police Department, along with the required $5.00 fee per report requested.  Per Massachusetts General Laws, our department has 10 Business Days to disseminate the report(s) you requested.  You will be notified once your report is ready and available for pick-up at the Littleton Police Department.  Reports must be picked up by the requesting party from the Littleton Police Department unless other arrangements were previously agreed upon.


Offense / Arrest Reports

If you were interviewed by an Officer or an involved party involving a specific incident,  or arrested, the process for acquiring a copy of the Officer's report is the same, with one exception.  Any reports involving Field Interviews (FI) or Offenses (OF) may be requested using the Report Request Form above.  Reports will only be released to you if you are involved in the specific incident.  As with Accident Report requests, all forms must be submitted in person, with proof of identification and accompanied by a $5.00 fee (per report requested)

Arrest (AR) reports are to be requested and released through Ayer District Court ONLY.  The Littleton Police Department will NOT release Arrest reports to exceptions.


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