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     2014 Continued to see change at the Littleton Police Department, I was appointed Chief of Police effective in September, and Jeffrey M. Patterson was promoted to the rank of Deputy Chief of Police in December.   Detective/SRO Pablo S. Fernandez was promoted to the rank of Detective Sergeant in December.  Mr. Daniel Devine and Mr. Thomas Budka were appointed in September as Patrolmen and have already made their presence known in our community.  While I have singled out several notable changes in our Department I would be remiss if I did not personally thank all the men and women of the Police and Communications Departments for their dedication to duty and their continued efforts in keeping Littleton a great place to live and work.  I would also like to thank Chief John M. Kelly, who retired officially in September with over thirty years of distinguished service to Littleton.  Over the next year the Department will face challenges, with the phased opening of the “Point” and the completion of the apartment complex located at 15 Great Road.  We look forward to meeting these challenges, as we always have, as a community and with the best interest of Littleton in mind.  We intend to strengthen our great relationship with the schools, and to provide additional programs to our elders to ensure that they are not victimized.

     One of the challenges that we face as a community is the continued rise in Operating Under the Influence (OUI) of both alcohol and drugs.  We continue to make this a priority for our Patrol section to keep our community safe from these persons.  We also have been faced with a rise in opiate use at all age groups and demographics, this is a plague that we must fight together to stop the needless waste of life in our community.  We will pursue any and all dealers that have brought this scourge into our community.  We will also participate in any and all worthwhile programs that focus on treatment for this issue.  Our town, like many others, has also seen a surge in crimes directed at victimizing our elders through high pressure tactics by both phone and the internet.  We continue to work with the Council on Aging to educate and assist these valuable citizens of our community.  Training is a priority for the Department so that we can be prepared for those unthinkable situations that have arisen, not only here in Littleton, but also in our state and country.  The Department will not tolerate bullying or intimidation in the schools or throughout our community.  We will work together with our partners to bring to justice any person or persons who participate in these activities.

     The Department itself is at a crossroads; we must grow and change along with our community.  With the additional responsibilities coming to our town we as a Department must grow to meet these needs.  Not only with increased staffing, but also by facilitating programs that work and that will help to stop and control the issues affecting our community.

     I would like to thank the Town’s people of Littleton for their support, and all of the other Town Departments.  I must single out our partnerships with the Fire Department, Highway Department and Light and Water Departments who have always been committed to making Littleton a great place to live and work.  While I have met many of you throughout the years, please feel free to stop in at 500 Great Road to say hello.

     Thank you and have a great 2015.


Matthew J. King, Chief of Police


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Matthew J. King
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500 Great Road,
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Jeffrey M. Patterson
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Littleton, MA 01460

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