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Chief King's Speech at his Ceremonial Swearing In

September 17, 2014

 First, I would like to thank the Littleton Board of Selectmen for bestowing on me the greatest honor I could ever imagine by giving me the opportunity to lead the Littleton Police Department.  Thank you for your trust, thank you for your confidence and thank you for allowing me to lead such tremendous group of men and women.  I would also like to recognize two people that I have come to rely on for their council and partnership, Town Administrator Keith Bergman and Assistant Town Administrator Bonnie Holston.  Thank you so much for your advice and partnership, and I look forward to working with you in the future.

To the residents of Littleton, thank you for the support you have shown to me personally and to that of the department.  We look forward to working with you to keep Littleton a great place to live, work and visit.

Members of the department, it is my privilege to work with such a dedicated group of professionals.  You make my job easy and I look forward to continuing to move forward with the building blocks that were started by Chief John Kelly, and continuing the legacy of the Littleton Police Department as one of the finest Law Enforcement agencies in this country.

Chief John Kelly, what can I say?  Your 30 years of service to Littleton speaks for itself.  You led this department forward into the 21st Century.  For the last 16 years you served as Chief of Police, and during those 16 years it was my privilege to serve under you as a Sergeant, Lieutenant and lastly, Deputy Chief.  I certainly will miss our council, your expertise and our day to day interactions.  One thing I do know for sure and know I have nothing to worry about is the friendship that we have forged over the last 30 plus years.  Keep the phone close, as I am sure there will be more than one question that I will need help with.  To Jessie, Siobhan, Meagan, Patrick and Chloe, thank you for lending us John for all these years, we now return him to you.  And by the way, there is a no return policy!  I would ask that at this time you all please stand and salute John Kelly's 30 plus years of service to the Town of Littleton. 

I would llike to thank my fellow Chiefs and other Law Enforcement professionals for being here tonight.  I look forward to working with each and every one of you in the future.

My family, Allyson, Bob, Marie, Christine, Raff, Amber, Justin and Joshua, thanks for always being there and keeping me grounded.

Mom and Dad, you made me what I am today, thanks alone does not seem like enough.  I am sure my mom is looking down on all of us today with a smile on her face.  Dad, words cannot express how proud I am of you.  My dad graduated High School in May 1944 when he was 16 years old.  He turned 17 when he was in boot camp for the United Sates Navy.  He served in World War II on the Carrier Shangri La and then served again during the Korean War.  Dad, thank you for your service and thanks for being such a great dad.

Thanks once again to all of you for being here tonight, I cannot express how much this means to me.  The future is ahead of us, Littleton is at a crossroads, with the opening of the Point Marketplace, and large amounts of housing growth occurring, the department needs to stay ahead of this curve.  With the addition of new Officers, additional Community Programs, K-9 Unit and the professional men and women of this department, we will keep Littleton a great place to live, work and visit.  We are, and continue to be, "Littleton Strong."  God Bless you all and God Bless the United States of America.

                                                      Thank you and have a good night.

-Matthew J. King, Chief of Police

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