LED Lights at Koerper Field

Project Description: 

This project came about in fall 2022 as a possible solution to deal with the increasing loss of Athletic fields in Littleton. Currently moving into fall 2023 we are down 8 athletic fields and potentially may lose a 9th during the construction of the new Senior Center. 

These are the reasons for field closures or decreased space:

  • The sewer project requires the closure of the High School baseball, softball, and grass fields as part of their build. These field will be offline until fall 2024.
  • We no longer have a lease agreement with St. Anne’s because they requested that the Town seal coat their parking lot; in addition to, the year round lawn maintenance that has always been the agreement to access their fields.  
  • Alumni field will have limited availability to Town youth sports organizations in the upcoming school year because of the High School schedule change. Due to implementation of a later start time, after school sports and activities will occur later into the afternoon minimizing the availability of field space. This means that the Youth Sports organizations will have less access to the turf field and will need to use the grass fields more. 
  • No grass fields in Town are currently lit to allow longer hours of playtime. 
  • The construction of the new senior center may impact the ability to access the Shattuck Street Field.

Installing LED lights will provide a fix that can be implemented relatively quickly and will be 100% funded by the CPC. This means there is no additional cost to tax payers to install the lights. 

We can imagine that some of Littleton residents concerns would be about light pollution, hours of use, and evening noise level. 

The type of LED lighting that we would install are much more advanced than the systems used in the past. The image below is a comparison between the new and old systems. The new system directs light onto the field but does not illuminate the sky (see left side of photo). Additionally, this system comes with a smartphone app that can schedule when the lights are on or off, and can be easily accessed by staff using their work phones.

Our current plan would be to operate the field similar to how it is run in the summer; 7am to 9pm. In mid-fall and mid-spring we will be able to get more usage of the field by using the LED lights. 

Lastly, the evening noise level would be no different than the noise level in May and June when the usage of Koerper field is at its highest. 

2. Goals: How does this project accomplish the goals of the Community Preservation Plan for Littleton? 

This project meets the CPC goals by making steps towards preserving Koerper field’s use as active recreation for the future; as well as, enhancing a facility that is being used specifically for active recreation. 


Additionally it is helping to accomplish goals in both the 2016 Open Space and Recreation Plan and the 2017 Town Master Plan. 


 Furthermore, in 2017 the PRCE department conducted a field needs assessment and master plan for the Town of Littleton athletic fields. According to that report we were greatly over using what we had and need to develop more grass fields to ensure safe playing fields for our youth. Now in 2023 we are down nine fields and could potentially lose an additional three fields at Shaker Lane in the next few years if they decided to build a new school on the existing fields. 

This project meets the CPC goals by making steps towards preserving active recreation, specifically Littleton youth, and enhancing a facility that is being use for active recreation specifically.  


3. Timeline

  • June 13th, 2023 - The Park Commission voted to support the completion of this project.
  • June 28th, 2023 - This Project was brought before the Community Preservation Commission (CPC) with an eligibility and funding request. The CPC approved the eligibility but is waiting to make a decision on funding based on wanting to get feedback from abutters to Koerper Field.
  • August 16, 2023 - Letters were sent out to abutters of Koerper field. This letter made them aware of the project and a public hearing on this project in September.
  • September 12th, 2023 - The Park Commission will be hosting a public hearing on the Koerper Field LED light Project to hear any questions, comments, or concerns the public may have. The Public Hearing will be part of the Tuesday, September 12th, 2023 Regular Park Commission meeting. The meeting starts at 7:00pm and will be held in the Littleton Police Community room at 500 Great Road, Littleton, MA 01460.
  • September  26th, 2023 - The Light and Water Commission will take an official vote on if they approve of this project being completed on their property.  
  • October 30, 2023 - The CPC funding requests will be approved at Fall Town Meeting. If it is approved then we would start the project in Spring 2024. 
  • The timeline of the project build would be very short one. Once we obtain the funding for this project we will just need to coordinate with LELWD to dig the conduit, obtain an electrician to complete the wiring, and schedule the installation of the lights. It could be accomplished in less than a month. This is a weather dependent project.

4. Budget

a. The total amount of the project is $200,000.  

b. LELWD is helping to reduce the cost of this project by digging trenches for the conduit; the only portion to be funded is materials and an electrician.