Kimball-Morrison Scholarship Fund Application

Kimball-Morrison Scholarship Application

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  2. Have you applied for a Kimball-Morrison scholarship before? *
  3. Have you or a family member previously received a Kimball-Morrison scholarship? *
  4. For items #1 thru #5 below, please provide the expected financial resources to meet these expenses. Please leave blank or enter $0.00 if you don't know or if it does not apply.
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  6. An award from either the Frank M. Kimball Second Scholarship Fund or the John C. and Eunice B. Morrison Scholarship Fund is to be paid exclusively to the education program to which I have made application or in which I am currently enrolled, as described above. I understand that the Awards Selection Committee may contact me for a personal interview and may request additional documentation. With my acknowledgement here, I certify that to the best of my knowledge, the information supplied in this application is complete and accurate. *
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