Orchard Tours

Tours for RFI Respondents are available upon request. Please contact orchard_responses@littletonma.org for more information and scheduling. 

Please note that you must RSVP to be included on a tour.

In an effort for everyone’s wellbeing we will require a committee member escort at the primary buildings. These include the top barn, house, lower barn and cottage. You are welcome to walk the property on your own and a map of the fields is available. 

We ask that you are mindful of the uneven terrain and older condition of the buildings. 

Viewing options: 

  • Top Barn – you will be able to view lower cold storage, first primary floor and a limited view of the loft by ladder. Ladder access is one at a time. 
  • House – you will be able to view all levels of the house with exception of the basement. Please note there has been significant water damage and mold is present. There will be a limit of people in the house at one time. 
  • Lower Barn – you will be able to see the lower level and primary first floor. Access to the loft is not available at this time. 
  • Cottage – full access.

Important note: the farmhouse and upper barn buildings are not currently in APR restriction and are presently excluded from purchase. There may be an option for a lease of these buildings through the RFP process. 

Please note that the upper barn and house are owned outright by the town and currently have no restrictions other than state and town building, health and zoning codes. Both need considerable work to make them habitable/usable (see the appraisal on the Web site). 

There is some interest in the town in putting restrictions on these buildings to ensure they remain connected to the farmland. This is yet to be decided and will be determined in part by the viability of responses, and how the more viable responses propose to use these buildings (or not) and address the repair and renovation (or not). Applicants who want to include these buildings in their proposal are advised to state whether they are open to restrictions or not, or whether they are flexible. 

Responses can indicate: 

  1. A desire to purchase or lease the buildings 
  2. Flexibility to do a lease or purchase 
  3. No interest in leasing or purchasing the buildings 

Restrictions the Town might add to the Upper Barn and Farmhouse include those associated with APRs (see APR regulations referenced on the Web site) or historical restrictions, which might limit changes to the exterior of the buildings (other than necessary repairs). Respondents who want to include these buildings in their RFI response are advised to state whether they are open to restrictions or not, or whether they are flexible. 

Please note that the lower barn and cottage are available for lease, but cannot be sold. 

We are open to discussions with viable candidates on the renovation of buildings if the buildings are a necessary component of the candidate’s use plan. Respondents are encouraged to provide as much detail as they can regarding building needs in their RFI response.