Department Services

The Highway Department provides maintenance and improvements to approximately 62 miles of Town roads; operates the Transfer Station located on Spectacle Pond Road, administers contracts for the disposal of solid wastes, maintains approximately 62 acres of municipal recreational facilities and public grounds; performs public shade tree removals, trimming and planting (Highway Superintendent also serves as Tree Warden); and maintains the Department's equipment to accomplish the assigned tasks.

The Highway Department consists of a Department of Public Works Director; Highway Superintendent; Business Administrator; eleven full-time employees; and two Transfer Station Operators.

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Pavement Preservation and reclamation is tentatively scheduled to begin on the following roads:

  • Tahattawan and Harwood. Paving Project: August 7

See a video explaining pavement preservation methods and why they are chosen.

Improving Your Roadway

Roadway improvement projects will include the cleaning of the roadway shoulders, installation of drainage pipe, catch basins and manholes in certain areas, reclaiming the existing road base and installation of new hot mix asphalt berm, binder and top course on the roadway.

How Will This Work Affect You?

We make every effort to ensure that you have access at all times. There may be times when the use of detours or road closures may be required to facilitate the work, however local access to and from your property will be maintained. During paving operations, some extra patience will be required while the paving occurs on the road in front of your property. Because of the narrow roads, the paving operation will take up the full width of the road and may require your direction of travel to be rerouted depending on the location. Police details will be stationed at both ends of the paving operation as well as one officer at the paver. The detail officers will be able to direct you during the few days of paving that will be required. Notices will be given out at least 24 hours prior to paving to minimize any inconvenience.

Please... Watch Your Step

We realize that roadway improvement projects will cause some inconvenience for those who live in the area. We are working closely with all the public departments to keep traffic problems to a minimum and to observe all safety precautions. Work areas will be barricaded and carefully marked, but please... watch your step!