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The Planning Department supports the work of the Littleton Planning Board. The Planning Board was established in 1946 to review proposed Residential and Commercial Development in Littleton according to the State Subdivision Control Law, the State Zoning Act, and local Zoning Bylaws and Subdivision Regulations. The Planning Board is the issuing authority for Site Plan Review, and many of the Special Permits according to the Town Bylaws.

All application materials should be provided via email or file share service as PDFs to the Town Planner, with 2 sets of hard copies sent by mail or delivered to the Planning Department from 9 am to 4 pm. Monday through Thursday, or 9 am to noon on Friday. If you have any questions, please email Town Planner Maren Toohill or call me at 978-540-2425.

Planning Board meetings will be held as necessary, usually the first Thursday of each month in the Shattuck Street town offices at 37 Shattuck Street, or via Zoom. In addition, videos of Planning Board meetings are available On Demand on the LCTV page of the Town website.


Mark Montanari Chair   5/5/2027
Anna Heuston Vice Chair   5/11/2028
Bartlett Harvey Clerk   5/6/2026
Jeffrey Yates     5/8/2025
Delisa Laterzo     5/9/2024
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  1. February 15, 2023, Special Town Meeting Update
  • Firearms Business Zoning Bylaw Proposed: On February 15, 2023, Special Town Meeting passed a Firearm Business Zoning Bylaw. Please see the Bylaw details posted on the Firearms Business ZBL page
  • Extend King Street Common Zoning District: The proposal to extend the King Street Common zoning district to nearby parcels: 410 Great Road - mill building site, 486 King Street, 476 King Street, 470 King Street, 450 King Street, and 584 King Street - former Yangtze River Restaurant site was not approved at the Feb. 15, 2023, Special Town Meeting. Details are at this link.
  1. Fall 2022 Town Meeting Update
  1. New for 2022 - Stormwater Management and Erosion Control Regulations Update
  1. October 2021 Special Town Meeting
  1. Littleton Housing Draft - July 28, 2021
  1. Spring 2021 Town Meeting Zoning Bylaw Amendments
  1. 40R Smart Growth District
  1. October 2020
  1. Transfer of Development Rights Working Group