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Littleton Board of Health Mission Statement:

The mission of The Littleton Board of Health is to provide guidance and assistance to all  Littleton residents, Littleton businesses, and property owners to assure the maintenance of public health.

The Littleton Board of Health fulfills its role by:

a) Supporting and enforcing compliance with certain regulations, state and local, regarding septic systems ,privately owned wells, public health requirements as applied to schools, food establishments and other areas of its jurisdiction as specified by State and town law and regulations;

b) Providing health information to the public that is collected and vetted by local, State, and Federal  health experts and officials;

c) Holding public hearings regarding a) requests for variances from and compliance to existing regulations and b)  proposed new or additional regulations intended to protect public health.            

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The Littleton BOH has moved to an online process for permits/licensing.



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Daniel Kane Chair   05/08/2024
Matt Wayson Vice Chair   05/07/2025
Gino Frattallone Clerk   05/09/2026
Kevin E Baker Member   05/08/2024
Kevin Davis Member   05/10/2025
board of health
  1. Nashoba BOH

    Nashoba Board of Health
    Phone: 978-772-3335 ext 305
    Additional Phone: 800-698-3307 Nashoba Associated Boards of Health 12 Hour Hotline

  2. Brenda Pelletier

    Office Coordinator
    Additional Phone: 800-698-3307 Nashoba Associated Boards of Health 12 Hour Hotline

  1. 2022-Current Minutes & Agendas
  2. Archived Agendas
  3. Archived Minutes

Use the link below to view Minutes and Agendas from 2022 to current date.

2022-Current Minutes & Agendas

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