About Us

  • We teach approximately 100,000 students per year. We run our engineering programs in approximately 23 states, as well as in France. 
  • We have outstanding instructors. They teach year-round and make the curriculum their own, so that each program is a uniquely fun experience. 
  • We bring a lot of LEGO®. With over 20,000 pieces in each class/camp, and hundreds of projects, there is no limit to what you can build. 
  • We teach through play. We explore, solve problems, and express ourselves through LEGO. Our curriculum is designed by engineers and refined by teachers, but the kids just think it's fun! 
  • We are not a franchise organization. Play-Well's founder and president, Tim Bowen, maintains a high level of quality by keeping our programs "in-house" and visiting in person with instructors from all over the country. 
  • We have a loyal following dating back to 1997. Many of our students take our camps multiple times, and some even become Play-Well assistants and instructors.