2023 Parking & Daily Rates

2023 Season Parking Sticker

If you have a 2023 Long Lake Membership you should have received a sailboat parking sticker. Additional parking stickers can be purchased by Littleton Residents for $10 and Non-Residents for $20.

2023 Long Lake Day Rates

  • Parking per car (You will receive a paper tag that will hang from your rearview mirror.)
    • Residents: $15
    • Non-Residents: $20
  • Daily Per person rate (You will receive a wristband to wear for the day)
    • Residents: $4 
    • Non-Residents: $5
  • The Littleton Police do stop by randomly throughout the day to check for membership stickers or day parking passes. If you do not have one you will receive a parking ticket.
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