Littleton Community Television (LCTV) Advisory Committee

The Littleton Community Television (LCTV) Advisory Committee advises the Board of Selectmen throughout the cable television licensing process and during the term of licenses issued by the Board of Selectmen pursuant to MGL C. 166A.  The Committee is comprised of seven Town residents appointed by the Board of Selectmen, and who volunteer their time for the benefit of all Town residents.

The Committee also provides policy direction to the LCTV Executive Director (who is appointed by the Town Administrator) in operation of the cable television studio.  The Town operates LCTV as your important resource for ready access to public, educational and governmental (PEG) information and entertainment. This is a valuable benefit of your cable TV service.

The Committee and LCTV may be able to assist you in resolving a cable TV service issue that you haven't been able to settle satisfactorily after working directly with your service provider. 

Questions or problems related to cable TV Service? Contact your service provider:

Comcast: 800-226-2278

Verizon: 800-870-9999

Name Position Description Term Expiration
Adam DeCoste Chair Seat 4 6/30/2024
Gary C Wilson Vice Chair Seat 3 6/30/2025
Lesley Glorioso Clerk Seat 2 6/30/2024
David Astolfi   Seat 1 6/30/2026
Barbara Mcrae   Seat 5 6/30/2025
Scott R Glorioso   Seat 7 6/30/2025
Allen Mcrae   Seat 6 6/30/2026
  1. Mark Crory

    Executive Director

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2022-Current Minutes & Agendas

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