Scholarship Funds

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  • Joint Scholarship Application for the Kimball/Morrison Scholarships

Applications are available starting on January 15th of each year and must be submitted on or before April 15th.

  • 2023 Kimball/Morrison Scholarship application period has closed
  • All scholarships will be paid directly to the schools Bursar's Office or financial office for tuition and allowable expenses billed by the school.
  • Funds must be used by March 1st of the following year.  Any unused funds will be made available for future scholarships.
  • Incomplete or late applications will not be accepted.

Both of the scholarship funds in the tabs below are administered by the Trust Fund Commissioners, who have appointed a Scholarship Selection Committee to evaluate applications.

Further information may be obtained from the Town Treasurer's Office on the second floor of the Shattuck Street Municipal Building.

  1. F.M Kimball Second Fund
  2. John C. & Eunice B. Morrison Fund

F. M. Kimball Second Fund

The F. M. Kimball Second Fund was established by H. Vincent Couper, a resident of Littleton, prior to his death, who wished to honor his uncle who established the first Frank M. Kimball Fund. It is for the benefit of citizens of Littleton who have resided in Littleton for a minimum of two years, have graduated from a high school and have the desire or need to go on to advanced studies. It is intended to include those who have been working for some time as well as those who are recent or soon to be high school graduates. Awards from the Frank M. Kimball Second Scholarship Fund may range from $500 to $5,000.