Why 40R?

The proposed 40R Smart Growth District would provide more sustainable housing options for residents of all ages and would provide housing for households with a wider range of socioeconomic backgrounds than Littleton's standard 5-bedroom colonial on a 1-acre lot. This zoning bylaw amendment is based on the foundational planning work of the community: the April 2017 Littleton Master Plan "Cultivating the Future" and the January 2020 Littleton Station Village Vision Plan (PDF), all as brought forward by the work of the Littleton Station Area Committee over the past several months. This zoning bylaw amendment will set the table for the property owner(s) and developers to provide environmentally friendly, resource-efficient, climate resilient, and socially equitable housing.

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1. Why 40R?
2. Will the public have input?
3. Is there need for additional housing/for additional affordable housing?
4. How does affordable housing work?
5. How will this new zoning impact our schools?
6. What about Foster Street?
7. What about my property values?
8. What about commuter parking?
9. What is 40R?