Will the public have input?

Yes. The purpose of the Planning Board's public hearing was to gather additional input from residents. If the 40R Smart Growth District bylaw is approved, and the property owner or developer applies to the Planning Board for approval of a specific plan, public input would also be considered at that time. This 40R Zoning Bylaw amendment will be on the June 12 Town Meeting for a vote by all Littleton residents present. Please email Town Planner Maren Toohill with your comments/questions.

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1. Why 40R?
2. Will the public have input?
3. Is there need for additional housing/for additional affordable housing?
4. How does affordable housing work?
5. How will this new zoning impact our schools?
6. What about Foster Street?
7. What about my property values?
8. What about commuter parking?
9. What is 40R?