How will this new zoning impact our schools?

A 2017 report by our regional planning consultant, MAPC, as relayed by School Committee member Mike Fontanella to the Select Board, there is little, if any, correlation between the number of new housing units in a community and the number of school children. Visit the MAPC’s report enrollment page. The Town is continually monitoring student populations, and has been planning for meeting the needs of Littleton students for a very long time. If a new building/addition, staff, or program is needed to educate all of Littleton’s students, Littleton residents have always stepped up to make certain it happens. Littleton can point to results with the initial build-out of the 200-unit "15 Great Road" development: 144 apartment units and 56 single-family home ownership units resulted in 35 new students in the Littleton School District.

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1. Why 40R?
2. Will the public have input?
3. Is there need for additional housing/for additional affordable housing?
4. How does affordable housing work?
5. How will this new zoning impact our schools?
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7. What about my property values?
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9. What is 40R?