What’s a Preservation Award? Can I suggest a property?

Each year the Littleton Historical Commission (LHC) presents several preservation awards to properties in town that reflect the agricultural, historic, and cultural qualities of the town. Awards have been given to individual homeowners, commercial properties, individuals, and in one instance, to the beavers that keep reminding us that we live in the country! Suggestions for awards can be made to any member of the commission.

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1. Why is there a Demolition By-Law?
2. Does the Demolition Delay by-law mean I won’t be able to demolish my property?
3. How can I tell if my property is “historic”?
4. Does the Demolition Delay apply if I’m remodeling my home?
5. What is the Historic Inventory? Is this the same as the Survey project that I’ve heard about?
6. Can I see the Inventory or get a copy?
7. What kind of activities does the Historical Commission sponsor? I’m interested in the history of Littleton.
8. I’ve heard there is a “sign project”; what’s that?
9. What’s a Preservation Award? Can I suggest a property?