What will FBC cost the Town?

At 2018 fall Town Meeting, residents voted to appropriate $42,000 to study and draft FBC, which is Article 24 at 2020 spring Town Meeting. FBC is one of several projects to transform the Common. Other public improvement projects to fulfill the vision include traffic calming, shuttles to/from the train station, and sewer, which are the purview of other Boards, not the Planning Board. To facilitate guidance regarding the Common, in Spring 2020, the Littleton Common Revitalization Committee was established with a member representing the Planning Board, Housing Trust, Sewer Working Group, and Transportation Advisory, Economic Development and Finance Committees. A member of the Board of Selectmen currently chairs this committee.

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1. Are developers interested in redeveloping using FBC and the farmhouse design?
2. What will FBC cost the Town?
3. What will be the impact on town economics?
4. Will FBC significantly increase the number of housing units in Littleton?
5. What will be the impact to town resources like school enrollment?
6. Does FBC make sense for the Common if there is no sewer?