Is my ancestor buried in your cemetery?

Since most of the inhabitants of the town's two cemeteries are entered into a database, this information is only a phone call away. In the future, we hope that the database will be accessible from this website. Call Craig Sullivan, Superintendent at 978-540-2480 for more information about your ancestors' burial sites.

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1. How much does a grave cost?
2. Is my ancestor buried in your cemetery?
3. What is the difference between a grave and a lot?
4. Why do some areas of Westlawn Cemetery have flat markers while others have monuments?
5. How do I purchase a burial lot?
6. Is there a price difference between graves in the flat areas and monument areas?
7. What payment methods do you accept?
8. If I purchase a lot do I have to install a monument or flat marker immediately?
9. I noticed a brick building on the cemetery grounds. What does it contain?
10. What are cremains?
11. Can cremains be buried in any section of the cemetery?
12. Do you bury full burials double deep?
13. Are artificial flowers allowed on graves?
14. If I place flowers on a lot in the flat marker area, how long will they remain there?
15. Can I plant flowers in the monument areas?
16. Can I plant shrubs next to my monument?