Affordable Housing Trust Fund Board of Trustees

October 30, 2017 Special Town Meeting Article 7 voted to accept G.L. c.44, §55C, and establish a municipal affordable housing trust fund to provide for the creation and preservation of affordable housing for the benefit of low and moderate income households. Article 7 also amended the Town's General By-laws to provide in §173-163 that "There shall be a Board of Trustees of the Littleton Affordable Housing Trust Fund, composed of seven members, of whom one shall be a member of the Board of Selectmen, one shall be the Town Administrator or the Administrator’s designee, one shall be a member of the Littleton Housing Authority, one shall be a member of the Council on Aging, and three shall be residents who would bring to the Trust relevant experience in the fields of real estate, housing, architecture, social services, or the like. The Board of Selectmen shall appoint the Trustees for terms not to exceed two years, except that three of the initial trustee appointments shall be for a term of one year in order to allow staggered terms. . . . "