Code of the Town of Littleton

Town Code

The Code of the Town of Littleton is divided into four major parts, known as "Divisions."

  • Division 1 contains the bylaws adopted by the Town Meeting. This Division is further broken down into Parts I and II.
    • Part I, Administrative Legislation, contains all bylaws of an administrative nature, namely, those dealing with the administration of government, those establishing or regulating municipal departments and those affecting officers and employees of the municipal government and its departments.
    • Part II, General Legislation, contains all bylaws of a regulatory nature. Bylaws in this part generally impose penalties for violation of their provisions, whereas those in Part I do not.
  • Division 2 contains the regulations adopted by the Board of Selectmen.
  • Division 3 contains the regulations promulgated by the Board of Health.
  • Division 4 contains all other miscellaneous regulations, such as those adopted by the Planning Board.

Town By-Law Sections

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