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Power Yoga

Power Yoga at Long Lake


Begin your day with a powerful yoga flow to awaken the body, build heat and strength and feel energized. Appropriate for all levels, We’ll open with a series of sun salutations to welcome in your practice. A set of standing postures and ground work follows. This yoga sequence is invigorating yet calming. Expect to build strength, flexibility and balance. We close our practice with a final relaxation and some mindfulness meditation allowing to meet your day in a more responsive and less reactive manner.



Pickle Ball


Learn to play one of the most popular games this summer-Pickleball!  You will be taught how to play the game. Come and see why this game is so much fun to play! Drop In or Join a weekly class!

Amy's Boot Camp

Amy's Sunrise Boot Camp


An indoor/outdoor fitness class designed to build muscular strength and endurance, cardiovascular fitness and flexibility in a fun and positive, safe environment. This 60-minute class will use a combination of skills and drills including strength, speed and agility, functional movement, high intensity intervals, core conditioning and more all designed to give you a safe effective workout designed for the entire body. Each class will begin with a warm- up and end with a cool down and stretch. All fitness levels are welcome, modifications are always available to ensure your best possible workout.