Neighborhood Games and Challenges

Neighborhood Games

and Challenges





We want you to show us your #QuaranTEAM01460, who you are "stuck" with through this time. Take a silly picture, like ours, or a nice family photo and come up with a catchy name. Join us on the Littleton Parks, Recreation, and Community Education Page for a little friendly competition. 



Littleton Tree Hunt


Find the trees, take a snap in front of the trees, and post them here! Enjoy Littleton's open spaces!


Littleton Rocks


Paint, Hide and Find rocks around Littleton, Massachusetts and surrounding communities.


Heart Hunters


In this time of social distancing, we are all trying to spread a little love and compassion. This group was originally started to give us something to do with our kids when we went out on walk. We wanted to promote social distancing while doing an activity with them during a time when we must be so careful. It has grown into much, much more. Post hearts in your windows, on your doors, wherever you want. They can be made from anything (paper, wrapping paper, cereal boxes)-be creative. Not an artist? That’s ok. Many of us aren’t. Want to go all out? Do it! Out on a walk? Feel free to share about how many hearts you see, colors of hearts or, if you want to, offer up an idea for changing out shapes in our windows. Help to spread the love and feel a little more connected in these uncertain times.