Vernal Pools

Welcome to our Amphibian Crossing Brigade page! If you would like to be kept up to date on the Spring crossing dates, please send your e-mail to

We have the Amphibian Crossing Brigade Handbook which hopefully will answer most of your questions. We do want to stress that this will be an open road on a rainy night, so while kids are more than welcome, they must have their own flashlights, safety vests, and adults!

We ask that you fill out Consent Forms for both Acton and Littleton and bring them with you. Or even better get them to us ahead of time (a scan is fine). Littleton forms can also be filled out on-line here.

Here are some IDENTIFICATION SHEETS. I'm assuming we will mostly be seeing wood frogs and hopefully spotted salamanders. A Jefferson or blue-spotted salamander would be a huge bonus!

Here is a Data Sheet, which might be hard to handle in the rain, so you can also make up your own way of keeping count. The sites (at least for now) can just be called Fort Pond Road North and Fort Pond Road South.

If you want more info on vernal pools in general, there is a TON of information on the internet, but you can try the Vernal Pool Association as a start. Mass Audubon also has a lot of info, including the sounds of wood frogs chorusing (quacking!). MACC also has this Vernal Pool slide show that is very good.

Once our spring time work is done and I have your counts, I will be reporting them all togther to sites such as this.


2019: On March 29th we had 12 people on Fort Pond Road in Acton and Littleton and we moved 254 frogs and salamanders! On March 31 we had 16 people and we moved 151 frogs and salamanders. Great effort!

2020: Much earlier this year, with many scattered nights. Our two busiest nights were March 3 and March 10. This season volunteers crossed a total of 335 frogs and salamanders. Three vernal pools on the Sarah Doublet property were certified.