Smart Sewer

Littleton Common Smart Sewer Project

The Town of Littleton is pursuing a "smart sewer" for Littleton Common. 

UPDATES: By a margin of 189 to 71, October 29, 2018 Special Town Meeting voters approved borrowing $2.2-million for design of the Littleton Common smart sewer.  

On October 26, 2018, the Town of Littleton was awarded a MassWorks grant of $1.5-million for the smart sewer. Watch LCTV video of Secretary Jay Ash's grant announcement.   Read EOHED press release.

Read an update on the project.  See September 2018 presentation.  See the map of the sewer phases.  

Sewer1 Sewer2

The Smart Sewer is a limited collection system and small treatment facility, serving a targeted area without encouraging sprawl, focusing on the Littleton Common commercial area to support best use of properties that cannot thrive on septic systems.

Benefits of the Smart Sewer include: advanced treatment returns high quality effluent for water reuse (irrigation, etc.) and to recharge aquifer; recharge preserves local water balance between basins; CWERC recovers renewable energy (thermal and electric) from sewer and trucked wastes, for localized use, and provides local disposal of grease and food wastes, and reduces greenhouse gas/carbon footprint (e.g. trucking). 

The costs of the Smart Sewer would be borne by sewer users through betterment assessments, user fees, and connection costs paid by owners of property hooking up to the sewer.  As a property owner itself, the Town of Littleton would be responsible for such costs for the Town Offices / Library on Shattuck Street, Police Headquarters on Great Road, Fire Headquarters and Houghton Memorial Building on Foster Street, Highway/ LELWD on Ayer Road, Littleton High School on King Street, and Littleton Middle and Russell Street Schools on Russell Street.

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