COVID-19 Vaccination Phases Eligibility Status

January 28, 20201


Town of Littleton News
Littleton Town Offices  •  37 Shattuck St  •  Littleton, MA 01460

The State of Massachusetts has a plan to roll out the COVID-19 vaccine to the citizens of Massachusetts and that plan can be reviewed at   The Board of Health is currently assisting with State’s role out plan; we completed the 1st dose clinics for the First Responders.

As a vaccine provider we must administer the vaccine in accordance with the State’s plan and as vaccine becomes available.   Boards of Health are informed about the opening of the various priority groups, within each Phase, at about the same time as the residents of the State.

The Board of Health will inform the community as we are able to provide vaccinations but individuals looking to get vaccinated should take the following steps in pursuit of becoming vaccinated;

  1. Please visit the State’s website (link provided in this at the end of this point) to find out when you would be eligible for receiving the vaccine; the site is updated regularly (
  2. Contact your primary care provider to inquire when they will be administering the vaccine.
  3. Check with your local pharmacy, the large pharmacy chains to see when they will start to administer the vaccine.
  4. Check large throughput sites (  Eligibility for receiving the vaccine will be determined through the site.

The Board of Health is exploring options to be a partner in the State’s vaccination program, as the Phases and vaccine supply allows, but it is important for citizens to reach out to the locations where they are normally vaccinated to stay informed of their options.


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