Results of May 7, 2018 Town Meetings

May 7, 2018 Annual & Special Town Meetings
Town Meeting Report


Town of Littleton News
Littleton Town Offices  •  37 Shattuck St  •  Littleton, MA 01460

The Town Meeting Report with articles, motions, recommendations, and explanations for the May 7, 2018 Annual & Special Town Meetings is avaiable online.  Printed copies will be mailed to all households two weeks prior to town meeting.  Town Meeting Report Updates with revised motions and list of withdrawn articles is also available online

UPDATE: Below is the list of articles approved by Littleton Town Meeting voters on May 7, 2018:

3. Appropriation of Bond Anticipation Note Premium 
4. Stabilization Fund
5. FY 2018 Appropriations, Stabilization Fund into Blended Community Preservation Act Fund 
6. Establish Special Injury Leave Indemnity Fund for Payment of Police Officer or Firefighter compensation or medical bills; fund from Stabilization Fund 
7. Home Rule Petition

1. Town Officers
2. Annual Reports
3. FY 2019 Revolving Funds
4. FY 2019 Operating Budget
5. Use of Debt Exclusion Stabilization Fund for FY 2019 Excluded Debt
6. FY 2019 Water Enterprise Fund Operating Budget
7. FY 2019 Park, Recreation & Community Education Enterprise Fund Operating Budget
8. FY 2019 Capital Items from Available Funds  - Littleton Common sewer design withdrawn
9. FY 2019 Community Preservation Budget  - Long Lake bathhouse withdrawn
10. Fund Collective Bargaining Agreements
11. Personnel By-law Amendments
12. Stabilization Fund
13. Capital Stabilization Fund
14. Debt Exclusion Stabilization Fund
15. Trust Fund Grants
16. Senior Citizens and Veterans Tax Work-off Abatement Programs
17. Use of MassDOT Chapter 90 Funds
19. Borrowing: New Well Field & Water Treatment Plant at Whitcomb Ave.
20. Zoning: Adult Use Marijuana By-law
21. Tax Title Properties, Abutter Land Sales, Conservation
23. Town By-law Amendment: Historically Significant Building Demolition
24. Borrowing Authorization
25. Compensating Balance Agreement


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