Housing Authority

The Littleton Housing Authority provides affordable, rental housing to households with low income. The Authority has 48 elderly/disabled housing units and 12 units of family housing. Eligibility for housing assistance is determined by regulations set forth by the Commonwealth of Massachusetts.

Mass. General Laws Chapter 121B, Section 5 provides that "Every housing . . . authority shall be managed, controlled and governed by five members, appointed or elected as provided in this section, of whom three shall constitute a quorum . . . In a town, four members shall be elected by the town . . . [and] one member of a housing . . . authority shall be appointed by the department [of housing and community development] . . . [A]s the term of a member of any housing . . . authority expires, his successor shall be appointed or elected, in the same manner and by the same body, for a term of five years from such expiration. Membership in a housing or redevelopment authority shall be restricted to residents of the city or town."

Staff Contacts

Name Title Phone
Lisa Larrabee Executive Director (978) 486-8833