Banking and Tax Forms

 2018 Tax Changes

The 2018 tax changes have been applied for 2018 starting with the paycheck of February 16, 2018.  We encourage employees to review their own personal tax situation and make changes to your payroll exemptions as needed. You can also use the IRS on-line withholding calculator to help calculate your proper withholdings. 

To change your Federal withholding amounts, use the new IRS W4 for 2018 using the link in the Federal & State Tax Forms section below.  Completed forms must be returned to Human Resources for changes to take effect.

Federal & State Tax Forms

New W4's (Federal) or M4's (State) should be completed when your personal or financial situations change so that the Town can withhold the proper amounts of Federal and State taxes from your paycheck.  Full instructions can be found on the forms.  Please submit the completed and signed/dated documents to HR.

2018 W2 Reports

Payroll Direct Deposits (ACH Credits)

The Town of Littleton requires direct deposit for payment of wages for all new employees. Notification will be sent via secured email. In addition funds can be directed to up to 4 separate bank accounts. This supports our "go green" initiatives by minimizing paper and envelopes.  Use the link below to access the direct deposit form and return it to HR.  We do require one form for each bank account used.

Benefit Premium Payments (ACH Debits)

For recurring payments to the Town, such as benefit payments by retirees, or employees on leave, we require the use of an automatic debit withdrawal from your bank account.  Use the link below to access the form.  Send the completed form authorizing the withdrawal from your account to HR.

Digital Credit Union (DCU)

The Town of Litteton is a Select Employee Group at DCU. Employees are eligible to become members of the Credit Union. For more information: DCU