Littleton Coalition Against Addiction

Providing education to prevent and resources to achieve recovery!

The Littleton Coalition Against Addiction (LCAA) was created to raise awareness and provide resources and support for anyone struggling with drug dependency and addiction to opioids.  We also offer support and resources to friends and family members of anyone suffering from the disease of addiction.

We acknowledge that addiction is an illness and not a choice. We embrace anyone in need of help with compassion and an open mind.  Our mission is to empower people to seek treatment and provide them with the tools to achieve a successful recovery.

For more information and support groups and organizations please read our booklet

What We Know…

Addiction does not discriminate

It does not matter who you are…your age, race, level of education, financial situation, if you are homeless or have a loving family. Drug addiction does not only destroy the person who is using, it destroys the family both emotionally and financially. Addiction is a disease. Not a choice.

What We Can Do…

As a community we can approach this matter with empathy and help diminish the stigma associated with drug addiction. We can educate ourselves and our children about the dangers of prescription drugs by sharing resources and having an open dialogue about this issue. We can talk with our health care providers to learn more about ways to avoid addiction if prescription pain medication is necessary.

    Local Outreach

    Local outreach

    Nicole Lorenson, Outreach Coordinator - Littleton Elder & Human Services 978-540-2475 - 100% Confidential

    Littleton Elder & Human Services

    Nicole, a Human Services Outreach coordinator, is available to assist anyone needing help with drug addiction or dependency. Nicole has been in a Case Management/Social Work role for most of her career and has worked with many families facing addiction and mental health issues.  Nicole is available by phone and in person by appointment, please don’t hesitate to call. Support available M-F. 8:30 a.m. – 4:30 p.m. 

    Kelly Young, Peer Recovery Coach


    Northwest Middlesex Community Outreach Initiative Network (COIN) collaborative to assist those suffering from substance use and/or mental health disorders. COIN clinicians: (508) 488-5072

    Trained Addiction Recovery coach working in conjunction with the COIN program (Community Outreach Initiative Network). This program is made up of local police departments including Littleton Police Department to help individuals suffering with addiction and mental illness. Kelly is also trained to work with families facing addiction.