Littleton Common Sewer Feasibility Study Committee

The Littleton Common Sewerage Feasibility Study Committee (LCSFSC) has been charged with evaluating the means, methods and costs of construing a limited district sewer in the Littleton Common area. To that end a feasibility study has been prepared by Charles River Watershed Association and Natural systems Utilities. This report details concepts for sewage collection, treatment and effluent disposal and presents a preliminary costs model for construction, operation, maintenance and monitoring. The dissemination of the report, the open meetings of the LCSFSC and the public information meeting have resulted in questions and comments from residents. These have been summarized herein and Committee responses are presented below. It was found that there were instances of overlapping content among questions and comments received and the questions below may be blended questions into one specific thought.

Staff Contacts

Board Members

Name Title
Richard Crowley Planning Board
Joseph Collentro Permanent Municipal Building Committee
Vacancy One Board of Selectmen
Vacancy Two Board of Health
Vacancy Four Citizen at-large
Vacancy Five Citizen at-large
Vacancy Three Board of Water Commissioners
Vacancy Six Citizen at-large