300 King Street Park

Castle PlaygroundCastle in the trees playground is open, the site is not sanitized or cleaned, please use at your own risk.

Bicycles, roller blades, skateboard, and scooters are NOT allowed on the basketball courts.

Castle Playground was built by many members of the Littleton community in 1991. They created a non-profit group, The Littleton Children's Fund (LCF), to maintain the playground. In 2014 the town took over maintenance, but LCF continues to support the playground. On September 25th, 2016 LCF and volunteers from the community rebuild Castle in the Trees for a whole new generation of Littleton residents and surrounding communities to enjoy.

Aidan's PlaygroundAidan's Playground is located at Castle in the Trees Playground. It was built in November, 2013 in memory of 10 month old Littleton resident Aidan Mallio who died in a drowning accident in July 2012. The playground is for ages 2-5.

If you want to help or have questions, please contact the Littleton Children's Fund. You can also send mail to:

Littleton Children's Fund
PO Box 2173
Littleton, MA 01460
(978) 925-7529