Long Lake Beach

Long Lake Beach Summer 2019

UPDATE: JUNE 3, 2020

Thank you to everyone who helped us get to this point, residents, PRCE Recreation Commission, Board of Selectman, Board of Health, and Finance Committee.  

Long Lake beach is currently open to RESIDENTS (new or returning members) & NON-RESIDENTS who previously owned a membership.  We apologize for any inconvenience. Seasonal Beach Passes went on sale 6.2.220.  Due to COVID-19, we are only accepting Debit/Credit cards or checks!


SEASON PASS: includes 1 Parking Sticker and 1 Membership card for each member of your household over 3yrs. Any person visiting Long Lake Beach between Memorial Day and Labor day is required to have their membership card and, if parking, a sticker.  

Resident Family – $60 (Adults & dependents under 25 years, living under the same roof and 1 caregiver)
Individual – R/$25
Couple – R/$40
Senior - R/$10
Senior Couple - R/$15

At any time the local/state Board of Health and public officials have the ability to close the beach, limit access, or go back to a previous phase during the COVID-19 pandemic while the emergency orders are in place. 

For RENEWALS please call 978.540.2496 or come to the Snack Shack, please have your cards with you at time of renewal.  Replacement cards are $5.

For NEW passes please email [email protected] and leave a callback number and Alyssa will contact you ASAP. 

If you are unable to afford a pass please contact [email protected]. The Park Commission, Board of Selectman, and Fincom will have assistance in place.  If you are able please consider donating to the PRCE scholarship fund to assist your neighbors in need.  

Parking stickers will be ordered this week and available at the Snack Shack shortly.  For the time being please leave your membership card visible on the dash.

At this time we are asking that ALL membership cards be scanned at the Snack Shack upon arrival.  Please have ONE (1) member of your party scan all the cards to avoid groups.  The information will ONLY be made available to the Board of Health IF someone reports being sick and visiting Long Lake as part of contact tracing efforts.


UPDATE May 26, 2020 - Long Lake Beach is only open to Littleton, MA residents at this time

Thank you to everyone who has waited patiently for information on Long Lake Beach. This week the PRCE staff will be at Long Lake to encourage and educate proper social distancing at the beach. The infographic contains the five highlights of the state order.

Long Lake Beach Update

We ask that everyone is patient, kind, and understanding during this period. Please remember that many people in our community have very different feelings of what is the correct plan and what is right for themselves and their families.

Our staff will be walking around the beach and in the Snack Shack if you need ANYTHING let us know. Please remain 6 ft from our staff and wear a mask during interactions.

We will use this week to collect information/data for the June 1st, 2020 BOS, PRCE Commission, BOH, and Fincomm joint meeting where a more concrete decision of 2020 beach operations will be discussed and hopefully decided.

If you would like to read more here is a link to the full documents:



High-Level Bulleted Summary:

Mask and Face Coverings:


Long Lake Beach is located at 20 Town Road in Littleton, MA and operated by the Town of Littleton Parks, Recreation, and Community Ed. Department. The park is open from dawn to dusk year round, to both residents and non-residents.  From Memorial Day weekend through Labor Day weekend the beach is staffed and a beach pass is required for use. Beach-goers can purchase an annual membership or pay a daily-use fee (*See Beach Pass Below). All proceeds pay for the lifeguards (summer payroll nearly $80,000), daily upkeep and grooming, trash removal, cleaning supplies and paper goods for the bathhouse, some equipment, utilities, free programming and activities, and other incidentals.  

Here are a few reminders about park operations Memorial Day thru Labor Day:

-No dogs are allowed on the beach or in the water, per our bathing permit from the Health Department. You may cross thru the park on the designated walkways. Dogs must be leashed at all times. Owners MUST curb their dogs and clean up the waste.

- A parking sticker is required to park in the lot, on Lake Shore Drive, and Town Road. Please respect the neighbors and do not block driveways or park illegally. Overflow parking is at Shaker Lane School.

- A season or day pass beach pass is required. They are available for purchase at the snack shack or town hall. The rates are as follows:

During operating hours Long Lake Beach Park offering a number of amenities including:

Bathrooms and Changing Areas

Guarded Swimming Area / First Aid

Seasonal PRCE Office

Amenities with additional fees associated: 

Snack Shack

Boat Rentals: Canoes, Kayaks, Paddleboards, and Sailboats ($10 1/2 hour rental, $20 1 hour rental)

PRCE Programming including swim lessons, sailing, junior lifeguard, beach yoga, paddleboard yoga, Triathlon Clinics, and more!

Space rentals for private group events

Important 2020 Operating Dates:

Weekend Only Full Operations:  Saturdays/Sundays, May 23rd - June 14th, 2020         

Full Beach Operations:               Monday-Sunday, June 15th - September 1st, 2020     

Beach Closes for Season:          September 2nd, 2020                                                     

Hours of Operation (Weather Permitting):


Lifeguards- 10am-5:30pm Lifeguards on Duty / Snack Shack- 10am-7pm Snack Shack & Rentals (Last boat rental at 6:45p)


Lifeguards- 10am-6:30pm Lifeguards on Duty / Snack Shack- 10am-8pm Snack Shack & Rentals (Last boat rental at 7:45p)


Lifeguards- 11am-5:30pm Lifeguards on Duty / Snack Shack- 11am-7pm Snack Shack & Rentals (Last boat rental at 6:45p)

2020 Season Pass:

Season Pass includes 1 Parking Sticker and 1 Membership card for each member of your household over 3yrs.  An additional parking sticker can be purchased for $10 per car.  Any person visiting Long Lake Beach between Memorial Day and Labor day is required to have their membership card and, if parking, a sticker.  Please keep your membership cards somewhere easily accessible/noticeable for the beach staff.  If you forget your card, don't worry, just stop by the snack shack or office and check-in, a wristband will be issued so you are not approached again. 

*20% Discount for Veterans, Military, First Responders & Their Families (ID Req.)

2020 Day Passes:
Parking per car – R/$15, NR/$20
Daily Per person rate – R/$4, NR/$5

* Seniors who do not have an annual pass will only pay the daily rate (not parking) up until the season rate has been paid.

* Daily use rates, Parking/Per Person fees, can be used towards the purchase an annual pass at any time.

Season passes can be purchased in advance, online and email photos, or at the snack shack during hours of operation.


All ADULTS (16+) at the time of registration must provide a photo ID with proof of residency and get a photo on their pass

Minors 3yrs-16yrs:
1. Everyone over 3 is issued a card
2. Photo optional age, 3-10yrs (PHOTO/INFORMATION OPTIONAL) not required on the pass OR in the system under 10yrs, must be accompanied by a registered guardian (18+) 
3. From 10-16yrs a picture is REQUIRED on the pass OR in the system. As a reminder, no one under the age of 15 is permitted to be at Long Lake without adult supervision. 
4. Passes must be presented and verified at check-in

New Season Pass Membership Card:


          Beach Pass  

 2020 Parking Sticker: ORANGE

Parking 2019


 Frequently Asked Questions about the Beach Pass:

Q: Why do I have to pay for a Beach Pass if I live near the lake?

A:  The purpose of the annual pass is to support the operating cost of Long Lake Beach.  The system is such that all beachgoers contribute to the beach operations. The beach access is enforced uniformaly whether you walk, ride a bike, or drive to the beach. 

Q: Why should I have to pay to enjoy the beach when I already pay taxes?

A: Your tax dollars do not pay for the operation of Long Lake Beach. PRCE is an enterprise operation. Everything we do is self-funded. While the cost of the beach operation is mainly attributed to the lifeguards, we also need to pay for training, beach cleanup at the beginning and end of the day, septic tank (tight tank) pumping, overall upkeep of the buildings and equipment, etc. 

Q: What happens if the new policy brings in more money than the beach costs to operate?

A: If this new policy nets us a “profit”, it will only be reinvested back in the community by enhancing the services we already provide allowing us to hold them more frequently, or perhaps allowing us to further subsidize events. Please keep in mind that the “free” events we host for the community – Touch-A-Truck, Halloween Parade, Trunk-or-Treat, Beach Party, Community Egg Hunt, Outdoor movies, etc. - are not free to PRCE to hold and are funded through the PRCE budget. On average, a “free” event costs PRCE $1000-$1500.

Q: What if I don’t have a beach pass? Can I still access the beach?

A: Yes. If you don’t have a beach pass, you can pay the daily rate. Your daily payment will be logged under your name. If you choose to later buy a Beach Pass, you can put the daily fees that you’ve already paid towards the Beach Pass. In other words, if you are a family of four and decide to hit the beach for the day, but don’t want to buy a pass, you would be charged $12 for the day. If you enjoy your time at the beach so much that you want to buy a Beach Pass the following week, you will have a $12 credit towards the pass. You would then only be charged $28 for your Beach Pass.

Q: How will the Beach Passes be monitored?

A: There will be a staff member monitoring the beach as has been the case in prior summers. This summer they will have the added task of asking for Beach Passes if they are not visible. If Beach Passes are visible, you most likely would not hear from this staff member. If you’d like to ensure the staff knows you have a Beach Pass, you can be proactive and check in with them before setting up on the beach. We are hopeful the community will work with our staff to make this transition as smooth as possible.

Please contact the PRCE office for more questions! 

Important 2020 Contact Information:

Assistant Director - Tim Michalski: 978.540.2490

Aquatics Director - Matt Adema: 978.590.3220 (phone number available during summer season only)

Head Lifeguard - TBD: 978.590.1751 (phone number available during summer season only)