Membership FAQ

Q: What is a Long Lake Beach Membership?

  • A: Long Lake Beach Membership allows you to use and park at Long Lake Beach for the membership season.

Q: Do I have to be a Littleton Resident to purchase a membership?

  • A: No, Long Pond is a great pond and we have recieved state funding for projects.  This means everyone is welcome!

Q: Why do I have to pay for a Beach Pass if I live near the lake?

  • A:  The purpose of the annual pass is to support the operating cost of Long Lake Beach.  The system is such that all beachgoers contribute to the beach operations. The beach access is enforced uniformaly whether you walk, ride a bike, or drive to the beach. 

Q: Why should I have to pay to enjoy the beach when I already pay taxes?

  • A: Your tax dollars do not pay for the operation of Long Lake Beach. Everything we do is self-funded. While the cost of the beach operation is mainly attributed to the lifeguards, we also need to pay for training, beach cleanup at the beginning and end of the day, septic tank (tight tank) pumping, trash removal, and overall upkeep of the buildings and equipment, etc. 

Q: What if I don’t want a membership? Can I still access the beach?

  • A: Yes. If you don’t have a beach pass, you can pay the daily rate. Your daily payment will be logged under your name. If you choose to later buy a membership, you can put the daily fees that you’ve already paid towards the membership. 

Q: How will the Beach Passes be monitored?

  • A: There will be a staff member monitoring the beach.  Once you have been "checked in" you will be issued a wristband for the day.  If wristbands are visible, you most likely would not hear from staff again. 

Q: If I still have questions, who can I contact for help?